7 of the best fall boot trends for 2022


Feverything is officially known as boot season as the weather becomes cooler and there is a need to cover the skin. To say that boots top shopping lists every fall would be an understatement, because every style star is ready to buy more than one. Plus, once you invest in the right pair, you can officially wear them everyday, all day, all night, and forever. I laugh!

When it comes to buying boots, the look you are going for determines the type of boots you should opt for. From timeless chic to edgy vibes, there’s a boot to meet your every desire. Additionally, “wearability” and durability should also be considered, as being able to wear your boots throughout the season is a plus. For that to happen, you need something that looks totally like you, stylish, trendy and of course useful. Which is to say, a boot that works with everything you already have and is suitable for all occasions is a winner. Talk about versatility!

With the endless boot options available, choosing the perfect pair for the season can sometimes be a challenge. As a result, we’ve picked out some of the best fall boots that are fashionable, affordable, and stylish enough for your fall 2022. Yes, we know, and you’re welcome. Ready to add another pair of boots to your collection? See our top picks.

Check out the 7 best trending boots for your fall 2022 kill…

#1. Biker Boots

There’s a stylish quirkiness that comes with biker boots and that vibe is totally welcome this fall. This is perhaps due to its origin as the trusted shoe of cyclists determined to make a bold fashion statement while maintaining comfort. This season, grab a nice pair and wear them with fitted leather pants, a bomber jacket and dark sunglasses for robocop style. Oh yeah, and the hardware accents make them even hipper.

#2. Platform Boots

When platforms decided to return to our lives, they remained determined to infiltrate our closets with a plethora of options, including sandals and pumps. For fall 2022, platform boots are the boots no style star should be without, especially if you’re on board the ’90s fashion bandwagon that’s winning the streets. What adds to their appeal is that they work well from dresses to pants, leaving no room for mistakes. Choose from a wide selection including booties, ankle boots and knee-high options.


#3. Cowboy boots

Yee-haw, cowboy boots are in a baby! As you head into fall with your awesome swagger, these boots might just be what you need to finish the mission in style. Although available in different colors and styles, the neutral tone options are ideal for a style girl who wants to maintain her chic aura. And yes, you don’t need a matching hat to harness the styling power of these boots.

#4. Notched soles

The thick soles with serrated edges found on these boots provide good footing and stability no matter where you choose to tread. While some options may carry some heft (remember, these are heavy-duty shoes), the style-holding ability of these boots is actually commendable. Plus, when you consider how comfortable they are, you’ll agree that neglecting them can be a mistake.

#5. Cherry red ankle boots

As we leave summer behind us and bright hues find their way to the bottom of the wardrobe, there are clever ways to add a pop of color to your outfit in the usually muted fashion scene. One of them is to turn to cherry red boots. The great thing about these boots is that they’re not so bright that they seem out of sync, nor too quiet to blend in. Consider them the best of both worlds.

#6. Cloth Boots

On days when you don’t feel like those leggings or socks but still want to keep your legs warm, turn your attention to some fabric boots. They are functional, stylish and can be shit sexy, especially in above the knee styles.

#seven. Thigh high boots

The F/W 2022 shows were so full of thigh-high boots that everyone knew it would be one of the biggest trends of the season. These extra-wide waders were well represented on the catwalks of Botega Venetta at Chanel, and now they can’t wait to have a place on your shoe rack. If you are still hesitant to accept it, perhaps you will change your mind when you learn that Rihanna was spotted in them. Aha, I knew that would convince you.

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