Get The Weeknd’s Bootiful Boots



If the shoe fits you, the saying goes, wear it. What if the shoe fits, but also has the most perfect almond toe, is made from the nastiest python leather in the world, and has a 2.4 ” heel? Carry with all.

For the September cover of GQ-our first worldwide issue! 2021 collection for Céline. In other words, The Weekend occupied a sort of styled fantasy world between that of enigmatic lone wolf Phillip Marlowe and swagger Melvin Van Peebles in Sweet Sweetback song Baadasssss.

And only one shoe appears with all the looks: the Céline Jacno. The high-heeled boot is a Slimane signature – it has appeared in its collections at Dior Homme, Saint Laurent and Céline – but the Jacno is perhaps its most perfect specimen to date. That’s a lot of Jimi Hendrix; a little Beatles from the early 1960s, who loved a Cuban heel; and extremely the speed of the artist formerly known as the prince. These shoes are perfect with skinny jeans, giant jeans, a suit, elephant legs, double-breasted Louis Vuitton stripes and a pair of $ 26 Wranglers. Erotic, perverted, portable, these are true grails Slimane.

Python isn’t available online – you can contact your local Celine outpost to find it – but Jacno calfskin is, in shiny calfskin slip-on or zip. Isn’t it a relief to know that the most badass shoes on the market will go with everything you own?

Celine Jacno zipped ankle boot in shiny calfskin



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