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Rapha Pro Team Men’s Long Sleeve Training Jersey

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Our opinion

A quality jersey, but the combination of ultra light fabric and long sleeves will not please everyone

Well fitted and well cut; elegant design

The inconvenients:
Less useful than more insulated tops; moderately high price

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Featured as a top for ‘slightly mild conditions’, the Rapha Pro Team Training Long Sleeve Jersey is made from the same lightweight fabric as the short sleeve version.

It’s a stylish running garment that works well as a mid-layer, but it’s not very versatile on its own.

Features, size and construction of the Rapha Pro Team Training Long Sleeve Jersey

The Pro Team training top is fully synthetic and made from a super stretchy and lightweight polyester / elastane blend, bordering on a fragile feel.

Rapha calls this jersey “pro fitâ€, which means it is designed to be adjusted and suitable for a sporty position on the bike. The cut is noticeably shorter in the front to help with that.

The jersey features the three standard back pockets.
Matthew Loveridge / Immediate Media

Weighing 53kg with an 84cm / 33inch chest size XS fits me well with no loose material that floats and no annoying squeeze in a stowed position.

This is notable because, at my size, it is relatively difficult to find a kit that is neither a little loose somewhere (sleeves in particular) nor too short to properly adapt to my height of 174cm.

Functionally, the training suit is relatively spartan, with the usual three back pockets and a wide elasticated hem with a generous portion of grip stitches.

The collar is pretty and low, and there is a strip of soft fabric on the inside to add a bit of luxury.

The Pro Team Training jersey is available in a men’s and women’s version, with four designs for the first and two for the second.

Rapha Pro Team Training Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey

Back of the jersey

It’s a slim fit that’s suitable for a racy position on the bike.
Matthew Loveridge / Immediate Media

The Pro Team Training jersey occupies a somewhat odd place in the wardrobe.

Although it has long sleeves, it is very light and does not have any additional insulation (brushed fleece etc.) compared to the Rapha summer kit.

As a result, it works best as a mid layer with a good jacket on top and a base layer underneath in cold weather, or with a gilet if you don’t tend to have cold arms.

It could reasonably be argued that this is not a very versatile garment. For mild but not cold conditions I would usually go for a summer top with short sleeves and cuffs for more flexibility, whereas with this top the sleeves are obviously not removable.

Since the cuffs are tight, it’s inconvenient to roll up the sleeves when you’re hot either, not that I ever commit such a blatant fashion. misstep, sure.

For really cold conditions, I usually prefer a jersey with insulation or wind protection, plus a dedicated outer jacket or winter jacket.

However, in the right conditions, the Pro Team training jersey is very comfortable and does not restrict movement at all.

Verdict: stylish and fair value, but not versatile

As part of a varied wardrobe where you mix and match layers according to the changing seasons, the Pro Team Training Top is a decent buy, but if you’re looking to get maximum versatility for your money, this is probably not the best choice.

That said, it’s a well-made, well-cut jersey and while it doesn’t come cheap, it’s not priced high in the stratosphere with some of the more technical clothing from Rapha and their competition.



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