Indianapolis Colts unveil return jerseys for November 28 game


The most wonderful time of the year is approaching again. No, I am not talking about Christmas (although it is wonderful in itself). I’m talking about the football season. This year, several teams will honor their past by dressing their players in homecoming jerseys for a single game. One of those teams is the Indianapolis Colts who showed off their comeback look on social media Wednesday morning.

Using defensive tackle Deforest Buckner as a model (for lack of a better term), the team unveiled a jersey that was originally worn by the 1956 team. At that time, the team was located in Baltimore. , Maryland (they sadly moved to Indy in the middle of the night in 1984 without warning) which included a rookie quarterback named Johnny Unitas, as well as tight end Raymond Berry and defensive end Gino Marchetti, all of whom would eventually be inducted into the Professional Football Hall of Fame.

At first glance, the jerseys don’t look much different from the ones the team has been wearing for decades. However, there are a few subtle differences. The classic blue horseshoe logo normally found on either side of the helmet is now moved to the back with a smaller version on either side of the blue stripe running through the middle of the helmet.

Another minor adjustment can be found on the sleeves. For years, sleeves have featured the player’s number just below the shoulder line with two horizontal lines below. For backtracking, the numbers have been moved to the top of the shoulders and a third horizontal line has been added to the sleeve.

Anecdote: The numbers on the sleeves (or in this case the top of the shoulder) are called “TV numbers“, and are they there so that team watchers and broadcasters in the booth usually above the pitch can accurately credit players for the games they make during a match.

I consider myself a pretty big Colts fan. I keep up to date with team news all year round, watch every game every week, have team merchandise, etc. Having said that, I think their usual uniforms and these flashbacks are pretty, well, blah.

Of course, there’s not much you can do if you only have two colors to play with. It’s not the Miami Dolphins or the Baltimore Ravens that use a three or more color scheme, which gives them a few more options. Plus, in all of their years as a franchise, they’ve never made any drastic changes to their looks. They never completely revamped their uniforms like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who ditched their long-standing “creamsicle” uniform in 1996 in favor of the one they wear today (though there’s a chance the creamsicle look could come back occasionally in a few years), or the New England Patriots who ditched their red, white and blue scheme to some extent in 1992 and replaced the logo of the patriot preparing for the hike with the red, white and dark blue scheme and a more elegant side profile of the face of the patriots.

Bland or not, as long as they win and have a legitimate chance of making the playoffs, the blue and white scheme will work just fine.

Check out a few more photos the team posted and the hyped video they posted ahead of the reveal below.

[Source: Indianapolis Colts on Facebook]

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