Predicting the Next Set of Reverse Retro Jerseys: Metropolitan Division


The next round of reverse retros might be the NHL’s worst-kept secret. While yet to be confirmed by Adidas and the league, several teams have hinted at a return, including the Columbus Blue Jackets saying their new jersey ads (sigh) will be on “all four jerseys.” And with a huge dump of leaks via a new range of “special edition” t-shirts last week, many of which showed logos reversed from their original color scheme or in never-before-seen colors, it’s almost confirmed at this point. (For what it’s worth, most of my predictions will be based on t-shirt leaks.)

Although the unveiling won’t happen until early November (rumored), it’s never too early for amateur jersey designers to start speculating. We’ve crossed the Central, Atlantic and Pacific so far, which I think is just leaving the underground! Let’s go.

Carolina Hurricanes

Carolina is a little weird. Although they weren’t included in the big T-shirt leak, a logo leaked online. A version of NC State’s Mr. Wuf logo with Stormy as the mascot appeared on a few banners and so on. Is it for Reverse Retro? The series of stadiums? Unrelated merchandise? Who knows! Seems a bit too classic for the Stadium Series to me, so I spent five hours vectorizing the thing and putting it in a stripe pattern based on the 1974 NC State men’s basketball championship.

New Jersey Devils

A theme for many teams is that the jersey technically hasn’t leaked, but there are enough rumors and reports swirling around it that we pretty much know what it is. Icethetics first reported New Jersey wearing a white version of the Kansas City Scouts design, showing two Orion Taylor mockup options. Another source later confirmed that the Devils would retain the Kansas City colors, which was later confirmed by the leaked T-Shirt.

New York Islanders

FISHFISH!!! The fisherman, who has been rumored to be back for a while now, has been confirmed to be back in the big T-Shirt leak. And while initial reports said there would be no teal in the design, the shirt’s logo does have a twist in the waves and trim. I interpret this as a major reduction in the role of teal, now reduced to a minor trim color outside of navy, orange, and white.

New York Rangers

It looks like Rangers could get really weird, using a regal version of their Lady Liberty shirts from the late 90s and early 2000s. This means that, for the first time ever, the Blueshirts will have their first shirts with two shades of blue, which is fantastic. While there may be some differences between this design and the final version, it will be in the right ballpark.

Philadelphia Flyers

There seems to be some confusion as to what the Flyers are doing, and to be honest…I don’t understand. Last time they took their 1982-2001 homes, reversed the sleeve colors and called it a day. This time I think they take their 1997-2007 homes, flip the sleeve colors and stop there. You get a great look with little effort, and it matches the leak of the t-shirt. And if I’m right, next time you can bet they’ll do the same with the outdoor version.

Pittsburgh Penguins

After 15 years of not wanting to hit the Robopen with a thirty-nine and a half foot pole, he’s back! The Robopen was seen on a black T-shirt in the leak, so I’m rolling with that, alongside a heavy white design that actually mirrors the coloring of the real penguins. Silly Pittsburgh, thinking penguins are black and yellow.

Washington Capitals

Although somewhat underrated, Lucas Daitchman reported back in April, the Caps were reportedly opting for a black version of their 2000s Screagle design. essential part of the design is in the right stage.

Columbus Blue Jackets

Leaving the best for last, I leave you cannonites with not one, but two designs for the CBJ!

First, the obvious option. When the Blue Jackets t-shirt leaked along with everything else, it showed the current main logo on a black background. The only time the Jackets used black was their 2003-07 third jerseys, the current houses’ predecessor. So they bring them back, swap the black and blue, and call it a day. PD pointed out in our writers’ Slack that the blue on the shirt looks more like the blue in the current substitutes’ mid strip, but beyond that it’s pretty much a closed deal. That’s what they wear. Obviously. No chance it’s anything else.

But… listen to me.

What if, for once, the Blue Jackets really had fun with their brand? Before CBJ, there was ECHL’s Columbus Chill, and they were the epitome of fun. Crazy promo parties, holiday songs, freaky Zambonis, a real fat lady singing as time ran out on home wins, and jaw-dropping, ’90s jerseys as hell. What if, the Blue Jackets brought them back, used the lighter steel blue instead of gray for the ice cubes, and threw the main logo on the shoulder (explaining the leak). It would be glorious. That would be wonderful. It would be the second best jersey in Blue Jackets history, which is really sad. And there is no way that will happen. But that would be fun.

That concludes this little mini-series of predictions. Now that you’ve seen them all, which team designs are you most looking forward to? What do you hope to go in a different direction? And which of my Blue Jackets models do you want to see? Sound off in the comments below.


What design do you want Columbus Reverse Retro to be based on?

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    Substitute for the Blue Jackets 2003-07

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    Home of Chill 1993-99

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