New jerseys to bring back the New Jersey era?



The Brooklyn Nets may be considering some new New Jersey-inspired jerseys.

The Brooklyn Nets have spent the past eight years in Brooklyn trying to figure out who they are as a franchise.

They blended into the Brooklyn style and dove deep into showcasing Brooklyn culture, representing Brooklyn on and off the pitch.

Now it looks like the Nets are looking back to their New Jersey roots to bring back a retro jersey. On September 30, tweets surfaced spreading rumors of a new uniform paying homage to the Drazen Petrovic Nets of the 1990s.

These jerseys would be the first to pay tribute to the time the Nets spent in New Jersey during their tenure in Brooklyn.

The team has yet to confirm the uniforms, but more and more evidence supports their existence. To begin with, Dick’s Sporting Goods began selling the Kyrie Irving Retro Shirt, and that’s awesome.

Recently, the Nets (and the Brooklyn Nets Boutique Swag) sold merchandise from that era – most importantly, a retro jacket that sports this style. There are other more expensive shirts and hoodies that feature this logo.

Then this photo surfaced of Nike brand shirts with the logo on it.

It seems more likely than not that these jerseys will be worn during the 2020-2021 season. And I’m super excited for it. The Nets did not embrace their New Jersey history during their time in Brooklyn. It is a state and a people who have given their hearts to this organization for 35 years.

Antoine Puccio of NetsDaily wrote in April that the The Nets seek to revitalize their New Jersey fan base. Owners Joe and Clara Tsai, along with newly appointed CEO John Abbamondi, believe there is traction to bring fans back to New Jersey. Especially now, with the squad looking like a real contender in the East, it’s time to fill the seats at Barclays. The Tsai see this and do their best to fill the arena (if allowed) for the coming season.

In June, I wrote an article challenging the Nets to spice up the playing experience at Barclays Center. They have to listen to me. Delving into their New Jersey roots is definitely a step in the right direction. As the Tsais mix what the Nets had in Jersey with the culture of Brooklyn, the Barclays Center will be the premier location for NBA games. But, for now, we can expect these new jerseys during this long offseason. And, wow, they’re cool.



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