Explanation of the Tour de France 2022 jerseys: Why do the leading riders wear yellow, polka dots, green and white?


During one of the toughest sporting events, Tour de France riders have the chance to symbolize their success by wearing jerseys of different hues.

The yellow jersey is the jersey familiar to most fans, rewarding the cyclist leading the general classification at the end of each stage.

Then there are the polka dot, green and white jerseys, each carrying its own level of recognition and prestige for its wearer.

How is everyone’s fate decided? sports news has details of the Tour de France 2022 jerseys.

Who wears the yellow jersey at the Tour de France?

The rider with the fastest time over the entire Tour de France has the honor of wearing the iconic yellow jersey, or yellow jersey.

Because it’s decided on pace rather than points, it can mean that a rider who finishes in pecking order for a certain stage still wears yellow at the start of the next section due to his time advantage. accumulated.

Tactics often play a role in the identity of the yellow jersey recipient as the Tour de France develops: teammates have often worked together over the years to ensure that a member of their team retains or takes the lead in the general classification.

Champion Jonas Vingaard won his first yellow jersey in the 2022 race.

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Who wears the polka dot jersey at the Tour de France?

The polka dot number is assigned to the leader of the climber ranking, also known as the King of the Mountains.

Points are awarded for each climb in the Tour de France, awarded according to the difficulty of each mountain.

Riders will attempt to win the jersey, which was introduced in 1933, through six mountain stages of the 2022 race.

The jersey received its polka dot design in 1975, inspired by track racing specialist Henri Lemoine, who raced between the 1930s and 1950s.

Jumbo-Visma’s Vingaard was also crowned King of the Mountains in 2022.

Who wears the green jersey at the Tour de France?

Winners of the points classification can win the green jersey, or green jerseyin sprints during the stages, with the most points awarded to riders who cross the finish line in the first 25 positions.

The points correspond to the classification of the stage of the day, which depends on factors such as the elevation of the sector.

Vingeaard teammate Wout van Aert took glory in the points classification, completing a remarkable Tour for Jumbo-Visma, whose riders also won six stages between them.

Who wears the white jersey at the Tour de France?

Riders aged 25 and under have the opportunity to win the white jersey (white jersey) by recording the lowest overall time of the race.

The jersey originally rewarded the leader of the combined classification when it first appeared in 1968, matching the points and mountains classification. It became a jersey exclusively for young riders from 1975.

Tadej Pogacar may not have been able to defend his GC crown this time around, but he won a third consecutive white jersey.


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