Best men’s cycling jerseys 2021: Adidas in Rapha



While a helmet is essential for your safety, and a good pair of bib shorts is vital for your comfort, a cycling jersey is an element of cycling attire that allows you to bring your keen sense of style to the market. saddle. Of course, a good cycling jersey has a lot more than the retro Italian charm that its near-torso silhouette and chic prints offer, but there is a lot to be said for this bottom bracket piece purely as a fashion statement.

Like any good men’s garment, however, there needs to be a balance between fashion and function, especially when it comes to such a demanding activity as cycling. From the point of view of the elite, the fitted cut of the cycling jersey is aimed at achieving the aerodynamic advantage. The sweat-wicking qualities of its construction, combined with nice elasticity, will keep things comfortable for hours.

And as with quality running shorts, the importance of pockets cannot be understated when it comes to cycling jerseys. Traditionally, they come with three booted back pockets for essentials like mini pumps and tubing, although a cycling backpack stores them just as well. A jersey with pockets for a smartphone, keys and a wallet, however, won’t be missing if you’re looking for something to get around.

So without further ado, here are GQ’s picks for the best men’s cycling jerseys.



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