Your guide to finding the right pair of shoes to match your flare jeans



It’s time to give your best denim flare the moment it deserves this year.

Move over skinny jeans, bootcut and flare jeans are officially our favorite looks this season. The nostalgic trend of the 60s and 80s is considered the most versatile design today. The perfect way to wear them is to let them hug the hips and most importantly, the sleek flare should start below the knee and end at the heel of your foot. Some prefer it extra wide and loose at the Saturday night fever, while others opt for a mini flare. Either way, it portrays a flattering figure from day to night. If you’re struggling to find the right pair of shoes to go with your denim, here are four classics to choose from.

Strappy sandals

With flared jeans – whether small or large – it’s always a good idea to pair your best strappy sandals for a little bit of style. Whether for work or leisure, it gives you height and a slimming effect. In addition, the strappy details also give a nice peek-a-boo effect under the hems. As for the top, you can pair almost anything from graphic tees and bodysuits to button down shirts and sweatshirts.

Chunky ankle boots

Tired of open shoes? Refresh your look with ankle boots. The bigger the better. Not only does this create a slimmer illusion, but it also increases your height. Plus, with the resurgence of pop-punk fashion, these boots are the best way to get used to the trend – don’t forget to add a light trench coat or a leather jacket. Chic versions work well in summer with a bodysuit, graphic tee and white button down shirt.

Thick sneakers

You can never go wrong with a pair of denim sneakers. Channeling that ’90s flair, pairing your best denim and chunky soles evokes that sense of rest but assembly. You can go either way with this. Keep the top simple and slim, so the attention is focused on your bottoms or proportional with a structured blazer and denim jacket for a polished approach.

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Flip flops sandals

On your days off, it’s easy to succumb to comfortable shoes. Why not spice it up with a pair of flip flops instead? It is versatile yet sophisticated. Your favorite celebs Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and many more have been spotted repeatedly in this slip-on style. The choice should be flat or with a padded height, if your flare jeans are baggy. It’s best to choose sandals in pastel or neutral colors for that glow that can be carried over for seasons to come.

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