Woman kidnapped at gunpoint from man she was trying to buy shoes from


SOUTH SALT LAKE (ABC4) – A woman was kidnapped at gunpoint by a man she agreed to meet to buy shoes in Salt Lake City on Wednesday, police said.

The woman wanted to buy shoes from a man she had contacted via social media. The two agreed to meet outside the Hilton Hotel at 255 South West Temple Street around 6:30 p.m.

The woman entered the White Jeep SUV the suspect was driving and after speaking with him, she realized that she knew the suspect, Najee Eugene Christopher, 26.

Christopher started to leave with the woman in the car and when she asked the suspect to drive back to the hotel, he refused. Shortly after, he pulled a small handgun from inside his jacket and pointed it at her.

Police say Christopher tried to lower the woman’s leggings while driving. At one point during the kidnapping, the woman contacted her mother saying, “She was being held in a white jeep by a man with a gun in the 3435 South Main Street neighborhood.”

After about 30 minutes Christopher pulled into the business parking lot at 3424 South Main Street. The woman was able to escape from the vehicle and told police she heard what she believed to be a gunshot. The suspect then left the area at very high speed.

During the investigation, police found a new bullet hole in one of the building’s windows at 3400 South Main Street and were able to recover a bullet from inside the building.

Using surveillance video, police were able to capture the license plate of the car Christopher was driving. When officers found the suspect’s address on his driver’s license, a SWAT team executed a search warrant at the suspect’s home, but it was not at his home.

During the search, residents gave police the address of Christopher’s girlfriend’s home, where he was later arrested.

Police recovered the gun with which Christopher had threatened the victim on the roof of a building in South Salt Lake.

Christopher was incarcerated in Salt Lake County Jail on charges of aggravated kidnapping, the offense of discharging a firearm, obstructing justice, purchasing a firearm by a restricted person, sexual assault and battery, and possession. of marijuana.


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