Tiger Woods spotted wearing non-Nike shoes at Augusta National


Tiger Woods tweeted golf on Sunday night as he was pictured on the course at Augusta National before hitting the course for a practice round. It was obviously fantastic to see the five-time green jacket winner in a competitive environment, but some couldn’t help but notice something different about Tiger…

Hitting golf balls on the shooting range, eagle-eyed viewers noticed Tiger was wearing a pair of FootJoy Premiere Series Packards, instead of his usual Nikes. While it’s unclear why Tiger wore them, it may have been because of the injury he sustained in the serious car accident in February 2021.

After the accident, Tiger revealed that he nearly had his right leg amputated. However, just 14 months later, he has miraculously recovered, with the possibility of a Masters appearance becoming more likely every day.

Last February, Tiger admitted, “I can still play, but I’m in a cart. Being a weekend warrior is easy, it’s not that hard. Hit your ball, jump in a cart, roll, barely get out of the cart, grab your club and hit the next one. Probably the longest walk you have is from, what, the cart to the green and back.

“I can do it, it’s not that hard, but walking on a golf course is a totally different matter. Then walking here for days, long days. Remember when my back was bad, when we had rain delays and I had to turn everything back on and go back. I still have that problem too. I have a long way to go.”

Tiger Woods golf shoes

The FootJoy Premiere Series Packard’s on the range

(Image credit: Getty Images)

However, just six weeks after calling himself a ‘weekend warrior’, the 15-time Major winner has made a serious recovery and managed to play a practice round on Tuesday with his son, Charlie, and his close friend, Justin Thomas.

Additionally, an on-court source at Augusta National gave ESPN a positive review, saying, “He played every one of them (18 holes). He looked good to me.”

After flying out on Wednesday, Tiger posted on Twitter: “I will be heading to Augusta today (Sunday) to continue my preparation and training. It will be a game time decision as to whether I will compete. Congratulations to 16-year-old Anna Davis on an amazing win at @anwagolf and good luck to all the kids at @DriveChipPutt.”


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