Kim Kardashian’s Date Night Look Consists Of Thigh High Boots And Leather Skirts


If you still have any doubts that Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian are dating, or if you believe in Kris Jenner’s machine, who works avidly to make us believe they are dating, let us direct you to the latest set of pictures of the pair, in which Davidson’s neck accessory speaks volumes.

Going out for dinner Monday night in Santa Monica for a private date at restaurant Giorgio Baldi (also adored by Rihanna), Kardashian wore a chic all-black look that consisted of a leather skirt, turtleneck and thigh-high boots. Meanwhile, Davidson wore his usual low-key style of blue jeans, a jacket, a cap, and a big hickey on his neck.

I know what you are thinking, lollipops are usually only for adoring teens. But apparently that’s exactly how Davidson and Kardashian act. In The daily mail ‘the story of the exit (where you can also see the photos), the post notes that they “laughed like teenagers in love” and “burst out laughing” after holding hands to leave the restaurant in the same SUV.

This dinner follows the couple who spent Davidson’s birthday together in Palm Springs, where they wore matching SKIMS pajamas and spent time with Flavor Flav. Fans also believe Davidson is behind Kardashian’s recent bikini hot tub photo and makes a compelling case for the allegations.

Where is their relationship, said a source E! New “They are really happy and see where it’s going. Pete told him he didn’t want to see anyone else. She tells some people that they are not very serious but she doesn’t see anyone else… She tries not to make a big deal out of it but she is very attached to him. Kim fell in love with him and it is very exciting for her.

Another source recently said Sixth page Kardashian “constantly laughs” around Davidson and “acts like a teenager.” They added, “Pete made her feel like the clock has rolled back 20 years” and that she “seems happy”.

We love to see it.

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