Get 50% off with these Cyber ​​Monday offers! Shoes, jackets, sunglasses and more



We hear you. If you’re tempted to open your wallet because a multitude of retailers have come together and decided on an arbitrary date to hold an annual “Black Friday Bike Sale” – or a “Cyber ​​Monday Bike Sale” – you want to make sure you’re getting the proper savings. None of that 10% business.

Half the price is a much more attractive offer than 10% or 20%. After all, the truth is, you can get 10% off most items for much of the year. So we’re focusing on the big savings here to make sure you get a genuine deal.

The official date of Cyber ​​Monday is Monday, November 29, and its arrival announces the final gong of the Black Friday sales period. So if you are still looking for that absolute steal of a deal, then this page could be for you.

Where did we find the US Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday deals?

Where did we find the UK Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday deals?

Black Friday / Cyber ​​Monday 50% + on US Deals

Retailers have started to shift their sales from Black Friday to “Cyber ​​Monday,†but discounts remain high, if not higher during this latest push to maximize pre-Christmas sales.

Black Friday / Cyber ​​Monday 50% + on US Deals

The UK is not quite as tuned in to ‘Cyber ​​Monday’, offers tend to continue to be ‘Black Friday’ until the morning of Monday November 29, if they even change. title. That doesn’t stop retailers from adding more deals, these are some of the biggest savings we’ve found this year …

More deals for Cyber ​​Monday and Black Friday?

Of course, there are many, many more offers. Take a look at our hub pages for some of the best …



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