The best rain jackets and rain boots under $ 100



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For many parts of America, summer has been generally bad and fall is not shaping up to be much better. If you’ve put off buying a raincoat and rain boot combo, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for [wrings out wool socks].

Now some of you might be umbrellas – what, candle – but we’d rather not keep running around in the showers to buy a new five dollar bodega umbrella every time it rains. Plus, we know we’ll end up getting angry, pushing his broken, hailstorm carcass into a trash can after a light breeze completely destroys it. (Not all umbrellas suck, of course, but many can’t even get through a single rainy season.)

Just because raincoats and rain boots are functional doesn’t mean they’re strictly commercial. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to look like a giant condom or full-sized dork when you put on your rain gear. (Although we don’t know why you would not want to look like a condom, they’re quite slippery these days.) The benefits of wearing rain boots are many – think about how many times you’ve had to walk around in wet and wet shoes all day after miscalculating that puddle jump while crossing the street. Imagine being able to confidently strut through pools of rancid sewage water while the rest of the sidewalks timidly walk around like gazelles at a waterhole. Now, combine that with the liberating, hands-free feeling of wearing a waterproof raincoat, and you will pretty much know what it’s like to win an Olympic gold medal, or finally receive your fake funeral certificate by the house. job. So get ready with some of our favorite and affordable picks of the best rain jackets and rain boots for under a hundred dollars.

The best rain jackets under $ 100

You are a giant S’well bottle

This ReNew military parka calls our names. We love the front pockets; it will keep you warm in cold and rainy weather; and it will go with all your other clothes, which are also black. It’s also made from 100% recycled polyester and dyed with bluesign approved dyes, which are safer for dye workers and better for the environment.


ReNew military parka

The smell of diesel turns you on

Take it easy with the inhalants, Tucker. This Carhartt Storm Defender Hooded Jacket fits closer to your body, keeping you warm and dry, and has front zip pockets to store your phone, wallet and knickknacks. It also features waterproof and breathable Storm Defender technology, which Carhartt says “stops the rain, but lets sweat escape through a breathable membrane, so you can work through a storm.”


Carhartt Storm Defender Hooded Jacket

Normcore is back

We understand: you are all about the function. Well, you’re not alone – over 17,000 reviews are on your side, and they gave this Columbia waterproof jacket an average rating of 4.5 stars – probably because of its sleek and practical look, the durable nylon shell and elastic cuffs. Oh, and it rolls up on itself for easy packing and storage.


Columbia Watertight II Jacket

They were all out of feather dusters

Too bad, but this ASOS Charcoal Rubberized Quilted Rain Jacket is as good as a substitute you’re going to find. Make it a part of your very sick and super tight outfit by teaming it with a cool kid’s sweatshirt and beanie like this model does, or don’t wear anything underneath and let the fresh supermarket air cool you off the spirits.


Curve Rubberized Padded Rain Jacket in Charcoal

The internet suddenly loves frogs …

… So take advantage of the weight of amphibians! It’s time to grab this waterproof and breathable FROGG TOGGS Classic Pro Action rain jacket. It’s a mouthful, but it’s also stylish, has over 1,700 crazy reviews, is made with a wind-resistant and lightweight material, and features an adjustable, fold-up hood and open-waist design for ensuring a secure and comfortable fit – and it’s super affordable and comes in RealTree, to match your Crocs. Plus, “frog†is in the name, so you can finally be a hot and alt person on Instagram.


FROGG TOGGS Classic Pro Action Waterproof Breathable Rain Jacket

The best rain boots under $ 100

Tried and true

You’ve probably seen people trample on these bad boys during thunderstorms, and for good reason, these are the OG rain boots that everyone from crusty punks to empire-building girlboss can appreciate. This handcrafted, fully waterproof pair has fewer layers of rubber than the flagship boot for a lighter feel, and the glossy black finish “perfectly combines functionality and style for a chic wet-weather look,” the description says. . We agree.


Refined Short Shiny Rain Boot for Women

Chic city

Everyone needs a sturdy pair of Chelsea boots, and these from basics giant Everlane are waterproof too. “Don’t let the rain rob your thunder,†the product description reads (why didn’t we think about it?), And we won’t, Everlane. Instead, we’ll rock those suction cups and savor the flexible, easy-to-clean rubber and the extra space provided for thick, comfy socks.

So you wanna be an astronaut

Well, this is a good first step. These thigh-high-style shoe covers are perfect if you can’t wear rain boots wherever you go and don’t want to ruin your nice shoes. (Just tell people they’re the latest take on Balenciaga.) They also feature a full-length zipper, non-slip rubber bottom, and heel reflectors.


USHTH Black Waterproof Rain Boot Shoe Covers with Reflector

Did you think we would forget?

If you did, you obviously didn’t care. We decided we were low-key (or highkey) stan Crocs, and these All Cast rain boots are no exception. One reviewer thought the boots are “very comfortable standing in mud” and mentioned that they “didn’t suck my feet while walking in sticky mud unlike some people. It was a great standing sport with it. a beer watching how many people lose their rubber boots and fall into the mud They are also made with the “Iconic Crocs Comfort” because of course they are.


Men’s Crocs All Cast Rain Boots

If this has motivated you, wait until you check out Gorpcore.

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