Jacket Weather breaks down his debut EP ‘Memories’ piece by piece


Dirty funk, bouncy rock & roll and slick, shiny grooves. . . Sydney funksters Jacket Weather are back with a sultry three-track EP titled ‘Memories’.

The trio, who officially played together as Groove City peddling their retro rock yacht bangers for six years, Jacket Weather announced themselves last year with the lush swagger and sophisticated harmonies of “Go-Go Boots.” .

“Memories” finds Calum, Daniel and Dan in similar territory, the guys putting together three jams about budding love, the heady feelings that come when you meet someone new before things are tainted by the passion of the two. sides for each other.

“The ‘Memories’ EP is the first installment in a collection of songs that cover the evocative stage of losing love,” the trio share.

Here they break down the EP piece by piece.

The girl next door

It was a doozy to write from start to finish! The first idea came during our very first jam as a band in 2019.

Pistol started playing a riff and I started singing, in my head, what Dido’s ‘White Flag’ would sound like if it was a funk-rock track.

A memorable moment was recording the guitar solo, as Pistol went wild and I led the wah duties. Lyrically, it comes from an experience Dan had about the line between a casual and serious relationship, and everything in between!

fall for you

‘As Girl Next Door’ planted the opening scene, it’s pretty much a straight continuation. Where intentions become less clear and a little murkier as heart and soul come into play.

The riff was inspired by “Love Illumination” by Franz Ferdinand. I would have (always) loved spinning a saxophone in unison! Maybe live one day.


This is where it all takes a dark turn and reveals that the first two tracks were from a movie flashback perspective, rather than real time.

Pain, loss and grief lead this track to the lyrics. All disguised behind the soft and sweet pocket and the mixture of funk, rock guitars.


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