3 ways to wear a jacket this fall


In my opinion, jacket time is the best time to dress. You’re not limited to bossy coats and down jackets, but you have the flexibility to layer without overheating. And that’s the essence of transition dressings: the ability to put on and take off diapers as the temperature fluctuates throughout the day. The centerpiece here: the jackets. Less bulky than a coat but slightly warmer than a simple long sleeve top, the jacket is a stylish accessory that is not only practical, but can elevate any look in terms of style. Trench coats, denim jackets, leather motorcycle styles, quilted versions, blazers, the options are numerous. In case you need a few styling ideas, we’ve recreated three sets based on jackets that you can purchase below.

Trench coat + Miniskirt + High Boots

Right photo: Courtesy of Instagram /@slipintostyle

The transition time provides a narrow window in which to wear both a mini hem and a long sleeve top. Brighten up the neutral look (and keep those feet warm) with a pair of snake print boots.

Blazer + Sweatshirt + Shorts

jacket outfits

Right photo: Courtesy of Instagram /@anoukyve

When styling a blazer, you don’t have to go for just polished separate pieces – in fact, it’s a lot cooler if you don’t. We love how this look mixes a sweatshirt with summery cotton shorts and a stylish blazer. Top it off with socks and sneakers.

Trendy jacket + Crop Top + Jeans

jacket outfits

Right photo: Courtesy of Instagram /@lisafolawiyo

A great lesson in approach to color and print if you’re in doubt: let the rest of the look frame your centerpiece. Here, a red coat is further highlighted with simple separate pieces: jeans, a black cropped top, and sandals.

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