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Zoe, the electric bike, needed new shoes. We knew this because we received a letter from the adoption agency warning my electronic wife not to use the pedal assisted electric bike.

While the review did give some technical gibberish about multidirectional torque and the like, the bottom line was that if the pedals were not installed correctly, they could fall off Zoe’s crank arm, potentially injuring the rider, who would be the e-woman and we didn’t want that.

So we had to walk the 100 miles to the Southern New Hampshire cycling facility and buy Zoe some new shoes. The shipment included a $ 20 store credit for any additional product purchased during the visit.

Plus, when we added the rugged Zoe to our family of riders, it came with a free year-long, uh, tune-up. We figured the clinic’s tech assistant would adjust all of her moving parts to keep her a lean and mean e-bike machine.

So we made an appointment in the late morning and were assured that Zoe would be ready for the road in under two hours.

As anyone in the valley knows, a road trip is usually combined with other chores, and we decided to add shopping and a family trip across the Connecticut River ending with a ride. with a finely sharpened Zoe and her shiny new shoes on the 15 Mile Cycle Path through Franconia Notch State Park.

E-woman keeps things in order. Upon arriving at the center, she unveiled a collection of documents that staff can see as Zoe’s reminder letter and adoption papers (aka a receipt). They were impressed.

Before placing Zoe in the hands of the technician, the e-woman went through a few things to check to ensure Zoe’s good health, such as giving her a refresher lesson on the multifunctional odometer, in ensuring that the seat does not shake. too much and how to best store your e-child in winter.

The e-wife also has a strong sense of bling and she noticed eye candy on the wall. The bling bike was shiny and included a good number of accessories adorned with bright fluorescent colors like yellow, orange, green and red. There were bottle cages, handlebar tape, handlebar grips, and pedals (i.e. shoes).

Zoe is freezing black. She has the required red tail light and bright front light, both of which automatically engage when Zoe is on and ready to roll. The e-woman often wears flashy colors to be seen safely while riding.

Motorists seem to react to safety lights, especially the one in front. Often, drivers in the opposite lane will turn to their right, allowing motorists traveling in the same direction as e-wife to pass a wider bunk.

E-wife believed Zoe would flip the wide-deck phosphorescent yellow pedals that would give drivers even more sparkle to see, providing another layer of safety.

So instead of walking out of the agency with just free replacement pedals and a tune-up, the $ 20 credit was applied to the cost of Zoe’s shiny new shoes and this daddy got stuck with the bill.

As promised, Zoe was ready in under two hours, actually around 90 minutes, and that included reviewing the odometer and having the technician answering many of the e-woman’s questions.

He assured the concerned e-woman that Zoe was fine and that she should have a nice long life until the chain and drivetrain would have to be replaced thousands of miles from here. He suggested annual checkups, lube, and love for Zoe.

But oh, how the e-wife loved Zoe’s new shoes.

She was eager to get Zoe’s new add-on on the road, but had to wait a day before showing up early on the rolling bike path which has an elevation gain of 800 feet south to north along the river. Frozen pemigewasset under the stern gaze of the high peaks of the Kinsman and Franconia ranges.

Hikers and cyclists from faraway lands like Dallas and Buffalo seemed dazzled not only by the glorious post-Columbus Day colors, but also by the shiny and sleek footwork of the e-woman dancing with ease with every turn. pedal.

E-wife and Zoe made a pretty impressive pair under the tan awnings in yellow, brown, green and gold. Over the bridges and under the tunnels they went, e-woman decked out in a yellow jacket and Zoe’s bright shoes doing everything right.

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