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If you are a true fan of cycling, chances are you take your cycling gear and gear very seriously. You are looking for the best deals and looking for a wider range of products to buy. It is inevitable that you will find yourself digging deep into your pockets throughout these processes to get what you so desire.

Cycling jerseys are no exception.

We all want the latest jerseys designs, but we are always hesitant to get a cheap bike jersey.

Why are cycling jerseys getting expensive?

There are a few potential reasons for this.

Reason 1

The first reason is that, as cycling becomes more and more popular, the demand for jerseys increases; manufacturers and suppliers profit by raising prices.

Reason 2

Second, some riders think you get what you pay for compared to cycling jerseys – they claim that more expensive jerseys are made with better materials and are of higher quality.

Reason 3

Third, cycling jerseys use technologically advanced fabrics. Due to the very nature of the material, they are expensive to produce.

Reason 4

Finally, these jerseys are priced so high due to the trademark and copyright issues surrounding them – the manufacturers don’t want their designs copied and sold for a much lower price.

Reason 5

Their demand is increasing while the supply remains limited.

Cycling jerseys go high tech

Like any running sport, success in cycling depends on several factors. For example, the weight of the rider, the aerodynamics of the bicycle, the comfort and safety of the rider, etc. However, the cycling jersey is one of those important factors that make or break a cyclist’s chances of winning.

In fact, some professional cyclists even believe the old adage: “If you look good you feel good. Therefore, you are playing well. Perhaps this is why cycling jerseys are getting high tech these days. Manufacturers use advanced exotic fabrics to weave the best suit for cyclists. Let’s take a look at some of the manufacturing techniques and fabrics to explain why some jerseys can be too expensive.

1. Nanotechnology

To provide high performance fabric safety and comfort, manufacturers use advanced textiles known as “Nano” to make cycling jerseys. The use of such materials reduces the body temperature by 30% and makes the fabric smooth and easy to wear.

2. Mercerization

To achieve a high sheen on the fabric, some manufacturers use a mercerization technique. The process uses caustic soda and tension to give the fabric a tight, smooth texture.

3. Carbon fiber material

One of the most important components of sports equipment such as bicycle parts, helmets and cycling jerseys is carbon fiber. This advanced synthetic material is lighter, stronger and more durable than any other metal or fabric.

4. Thermal insulation

For the winter season, some manufacturers use thermal insulation materials to create a warm and comfortable fabric.

5. Close-knit yarns

To provide a durable and sturdy fabric, manufacturers of cycling jerseys use tightly woven yarns. In addition, tightly woven yarns are more comfortable, smoother and more aerodynamic.

6. Composites

Some manufacturers use composites of polyester, cotton, and carbon fiber to create a unique, cycling-friendly and sturdy fabric. The main idea behind composites is that multi-material yarns are stronger and more suitable for racing sports.

Cycling is not a poor man’s sport

Let’s be realistic. Cycling is aimed at the high end market. This is a market where a single performance bike can cost hundreds of dollars. Add matching gear like cycling shoes, gadgets, kits, accessories, etc., and the price easily jumps into the thousands.

When you spend that much on a bike, you want to have the best cycling jersey for maximum comfort and aerodynamics. And let’s be honest, you’re going to feel pretty silly to go for a race in a $ 30 jersey.

General tips for getting the most out of your money spent on a cycling jersey


Design is the first thing that catches your eye when browsing a website for cycling jerseys. The more elegant and unique the jersey, the more expensive the jersey. If you are looking for a good cycling jersey that fits your budget, look for jerseys with more subtle designs.

Pay attention to the seams

Another major factor that affects the price of a cycling jersey is the quality of the stitching. A cheaper men’s cycling jersey will have straight stitches and less resistance. Straight seams are easy to sew, saving time and money. They are also not very comfortable because they can cause irritation. The best seams will be stretchy and even.

the weavings

Tight-weave jerseys are generally more durable and costlier than loose-weave jerseys. A tight weave is generally more durable and has better padding, which makes the jersey comfortable.

Fabric content

What is it made of? A jersey with a high percentage of polyester fibers will be lighter and more breathable than cotton jerseys.

Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF)?

UPF is a rating given to fabrics that protect your skin from ultraviolet rays. It’s like the UV protection index that is often found on sunscreens. If you ride regularly, it’s always best to have a jersey that protects your skin from ultraviolet rays as it helps prevent sunburn and skin cancer.

The clothing’s UPF index starts at 15 and goes up to 50. Even a jersey with UPF 15 will provide good protection, but jerseys with higher indices offer better protection.

Zips, pockets and ventilation zones

You should also check the number and quality of pockets, zippers and ventilation, especially if it is a custom cycling jersey. Generally, the more pockets you have, the higher the price will be. Also look for ventilation zones on the jersey to improve breathability and keep you cool while riding.

Should you go for expensive cycling jerseys?

Whenever you browse online cycling forums, you come across two very different opinions. On the one hand, cyclists claim that buying expensive jerseys will give you better quality, better design, and better performance. On the other hand, some cyclists think that spending a lot of money on cycling jerseys is a waste. You can find cheaper alternatives through thrift stores or online resale markets without compromising on quality.

I do agree that some cycling jerseys are worth their hefty price tag because of the materials used and the care taken in their design. However, there are also many overpriced jerseys. It is also a fact that the cheaper jerseys are not as good in quality and performance. So what is the solution then?

I would suggest staying in the middle. You should try to get a quality jersey that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. The final decision is therefore yours. If you are looking for a jersey that will give you good performance and last longer, go for a more expensive jersey. If you’re not worried about the price or performance, go for a cheaper alternative that looks good!

The bottom line

This is why cycling jerseys are getting so expensive. Quite simply, it’s not rocket science, everything depends on supply and demand. The more popular cycling becomes, the more people want to put on a jersey and get on their bikes. And the more swimsuits we buy, the more their price increases! Hope you found something interesting in this post. Also, I would love to hear your opinions on this topic. Please feel free to comment below. Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What are the best cycling jerseys on the market?

It depends on your price range and what you are looking for in a jersey. I recommend going for a quality jersey that gives you what you pay for. You can probably get a good cycling jersey if you only spend around $ 50 to $ 100. However, if you want a high-end jersey with all the features, be prepared to spend a few hundred dollars.

Q. Why are jerseys so expensive?

There are several reasons for this: the materials used, the care taken in their design, the enthusiasm for cycling and finally the demand. The more popular cycling becomes, the more people want to put on a jersey and get on their bikes. And the more swimsuits we buy, the more their price increases!

Q. Is it worth investing in expensive jerseys?

It depends on how much you are willing to spend and what you are looking for in a jersey. If you want a jersey that will give you good performance and last a long time, go for an expensive jersey. If you’re not worried about performance, go for a cheaper alternative that looks good!

Q. Where can I buy a cycling jersey?

You can buy them at your local bike store, online bike stores, or online auction / resale websites.



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