What’s on Manchester City shirts?


Premier League fans want to know what’s on the back of Manchester City training shirts. MDCR? What could that mean?

Pep Guardiola and Manchester City players walked out in training tops with MDCR on the back. Obviously, few fans know what this could mean.

Fortunately, the internet exists, and I’m here to provide some sort of explanation.

Last offseason, PUMA unveiled what they called an “eclectic Madchester collection” that City would wear to select matches. While it’s unclear whether it won over City fans, the clothing company predicted it would be a major hit at the time. They still do, of course.

MDCR meaning

Here is PUMA’s explanation:

“Inspired by the indie-dance scene that defines the generation that put Manchester on the map and took the world by storm, he is set to prove hugely popular among City fans.

The Madchester product line includes a custom MCFC x MDCR graphic jersey, MCFC x MDCR graphic and logo tees, as well as MCFC x MDCR crews, hoodies, jackets, shorts and pants.

And There you go. It seems to represent the city’s thriving dance music scene? OK so ?

At the very least, it looks pretty cool. Whether it will appeal to fans remains to be seen.


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