The jacket trend, I’m sure, will be a big novelty this fall.


I like to think of myself as a jacket aficionado. It’s probably the category that makes up the largest percentage of my wardrobe, and it’s the one item that keeps piquing my interest, no matter how many I have at any given time. This means that I have developed a special knack for spotting the next big thing in the jacket world (if I say so myself), and this fall? I have a hunch that the baseball jacket is going to be the one to watch.

Identifiable by its sporty bomber-like silhouette; striped elasticated collar and cuffs; and patchwork patterns, the baseball jacket (or varsity) has roots in the world of sports, particularly American college baseball. But it was during the 1980s that it entered popular culture thanks to the styles of hip-hop groups such as Run-DMC and NWA Fast Forward to 2021, and it has been performed in multiple ways by designer and high street brands and remains a sport staple for the general public and baseball fans.

Most notably, he was spotted on cult designer Celine’s F / W 21 runway, who styled a brown and black leather iteration with a mini dress, hoodie, and chunky lace-up boots. It’s just too cool for school (literally). While the trend is still in its infancy on Main Street, I personally love the vintage iterations you can find online, which look so cool thanks to their quirky quilting and saturated college colors. Etsy has some amazing 1960s originals, but Vestiaire Collective is also great for more modern and designer interpretations.

While not usually a fan of preppy fashion, I love the idea of ​​wearing a vintage baseball jacket this fall with loose jeans, a white turtleneck, and heeled boots. So very Celine. Scroll down to view and purchase the baseball jackets you can buy now and wear through 2022.

Shop our selection of baseball jackets:

Urban renewal One-of-a-kind varsity jacket (£ 220)

Moschino Leather biker jacket (£ 220)

White Jacket (£ 550)

Givenchy Logo-jacquard wool varsity jacket (£ 115)

Urban renewal One-of-a-kind varsity jacket (£ 220)

Old Team Letterman Hooded College Jacket (£ 90)

Very dry College varsity bomber jacket (£ 90)

Conservative sport Embroidered pique jacket (310 €)

Urban renewal One of a Kind Black Nasa Bomber Jacket (£ 180)

Marc Jacobs Wool jacket (£ 253)

Old 1960s / 1970s Letterman Wool College Jacket with Hood (£ 110)

Old 1980 Bomber (£ 103)

Moschino Wool jacket (£ 590)

ASOS design College Bomber Jacket in Navy (£ 45)

Old Jacket (£ 28)

Very dry College varsity bomber jacket (£ 90)

Old Jacket (£ 36)

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