See Kate Beckinsale in sexy tube top and combat boots


By Nathan Kamal | Published

Kate Beckinsale found an iconic character in her portrayal of latex-clad vampire assassin Selene on the Underworld series, which cemented her bona fides as an action star. There’s nothing that says action star like “combat boots” and there’s nothing that says sexy like “a tube top.” All that to say, Kate Beckinsale can create a look that combines those two elements with the kind of easy grace that few stars in the world could ever have. Luckily for us, Kate Beckinsale has a solid and popular social media presence that she likes to use to share these things with us. Check it out:

In the first image from Kate Beckinsale’s set, the wearing pearls the actress is standing in a shy position, staring at the floor. She wears a stunning Keizer Clark outfit (conveniently tagged in the photo), which manages to be sexy, cheeky and fun all at the same time. Kate Beckinsale wears a powder blue and black checkered jacket (with wide lapels) that opens to reveal a petite tube top and her flat stomach. Below, she wears very short shorts in the same pattern and her legs stretch out in a pair of shiny black platform combat boots. Kate Beckinsale’s golden brown hair is piled up in a messy bun at the back of her head and her lips are made up in pale pink. The actress tagged stylist Sarah Nearis in the photo, so we can assume we have her to thank for her look as well as Kate Beckinsale’s natural assets.

The second photo of Kate Beckinsale is much the same, except her pose (which appears to be against the backdrop of a very well-equipped kitchen) has changed from playfully shy to playfully stern. Her arms are crossed and she has a fake scowl on her face as she gazes down at the floor, where none other than her famous gray Persian cat Clive is. Clive himself is something of a fan favorite on Kate Beckinsale’s social media. The last days of disco The star often dresses Clive in adorable (or slightly embarrassing) outfits or even takes an afternoon to rollerblade with him. It seems like it’s good to be Kate Beckinsale’s cat.

Of course, Kate Beckinsale has been seen to be a friend of animals all over the world, be it the common English garden fox or the noble English stone lion. Along with her efforts to become something of a modern, sexy Snow White, she also has a number of upcoming acting projects. She was chosen to play the lead role in Catherine Hardwicke’s film prisoner’s daughter, in which she will play the estranged daughter of a former convict played by Brian Cox. Kate Beckinsale will also be part of the cast of the directorial debut of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s Charlie Day, formerly called Charlie Day. El Tonto and currently untitled.


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