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One of cycling’s most distinctive brands both on the club track and in the WorldTour, it’s fair to say that Rapha is synonymous with style. Combining classic designs with modern fabrics was something the British brand pretty much invented on their own in 2004.

Rapha also has a reputation for not being the cheapest kit on the market – in cycling clothing, as with most things, you get what you pay for – but if you take a good look in the archives section of their website , you might discover some great deals.

This is exactly what we have done, selecting some of the discounts below that we think are very good deals. The Rapha classic winter jacket for men is less than half the price, for example. It’s perfect for early spring when it can still be chilly.

The Rapha Zip Track Top is really cool too, a casual wear that works on the bike or off. It’s almost half the price.

Our tech team have years of experience – we wouldn’t suggest anything we wouldn’t wear ourselves.

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Our selection of offers:

This is one of the best deals in Rapha’s archives, and only XS remains for the snappiest of runners as of this writing. Rapha’s most versatile weather jacket is made from Polartec Power Shield Pro for optimal wind and waterproofness combined with a high level of breathability. If that’s your size, it’s new jacket day!See the offer

Rapha’s first basecoat to feature a permanent antibacterial coating, the Patent is made from a silver coated ionic wire. It’s designed for long distances and Rapha says prototypes were worn every day for two weeks in an ultra-endurance race across Europe (!).See the offer

With its dual fabric construction, the LS Aero jersey is designed to reduce drag. Rapha has wind tunnel tested a combination of smooth and textured fabrics for this purpose, adding a soft, brushed back to the smooth leading edge panels for extra insulation in cooler weather.See the offer

Rapha says it’s the fastest jersey he makes. The Pro Team Aero is based on the suit that won the gold medal at the World Championships by the Canyon // SRAM team. There are three textured materials designed to effectively move air over the rider’s body and the sleeves are cut long to maximize the speed of the fabric.See the offer

Only for US customers, this fitted cotton jersey t-shirt has a slim fit and a longer back panel, so it’s suitable for both rolling and hanging out. Along with the classic Rapha logo, many sizes are still available as of this writing.See the offer

Super light and compact, the classic vest is perfect for early morning starts, long descents or changing weather conditions. It has reflectors in low light conditions and a small zipped pocket for the house keys. The cut is narrow for a minimal wind flap. Small sizes only, so hurry!See the offer

It’s time to start preparing for the season, right? The Flyweight is designed for the ultimate in temperature regulation with a racing pedigree, having been tested in Grand Tours and ultra-endurance races.See the offer

Rapha calls it a “reinvention of the quintessential warm-up top.” Imagine Jacques Anquetil lounging on the grass in the center of the track, smoking a cigarette to empty his lungs, and you get the idea. Made from a heavyweight, terry cotton with ribbed side panels and a relaxed fit.See the offer

This heavyweight hoodie is made from a soft, fleece-backed cotton fabric with ribbed cuffs and a relaxed fit. There is a drawstring hood and cleverly designed pockets that ensure you don’t lose your kit on the go.See the offer

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