Predicting the Next Set of Reverse Retro Jerseys – Central Division


The next round of reverse retros might be the NHL’s worst-kept secret. While yet to be confirmed by Adidas and the league, several teams have hinted at a return, including the Columbus Blue Jackets saying their new jersey ads (sigh) will be on “all four jerseys.” And with a huge dump of leaks via a new range of “special edition” t-shirts last week, many of which showed logos reversed from their original color scheme or in never-before-seen colors, it’s almost confirmed at this point. (For what it’s worth, most of my predictions will be based on t-shirt leaks.)

Although the unveiling won’t happen until early November (rumored), it’s never too early for amateur jersey designers to start speculating. Today we’re going through the Central Division, but the other three are coming next week! Let’s go.

Arizona Coyotes

With the popularity of Reverse Retro over the past year, it’s no surprise that Arizona is diving back into its 1998-2003 alternative. This time, expect a black background, blending the sky of the hem stripes with the base color of the jersey. It’s a really cool effect, but it will be difficult to match the purple version of the last round.

Chicago Blackhawks

One of two jerseys completely run away, Chicago will remix their 1937-55 jerseys which I have informally dubbed the funkypole. The stripes are simplified to work better as a modern jersey, but what interests me is the relegation of the main logo to the shoulders. Is Chicago starting to move away from the chef’s logo?

Colorado avalanche

Denver’s early rumors said the Avalanche would go with a white throwback from the Colorado Rockies (the ’70s hockey team, not the modern MLB team), and the leaked t-shirt confirmed it. . Interestingly, the C logo taken from the state flag, shoulder patch on the Rockies and Avalanche, is in the center of the old mountain logo.

Dallas Stars

The Stars are also expected to promote their old shoulder patch, with the state of Texas in white on a black background. While another take on their “big star” 2000s jerseys is possible, I think a return to their inaugural set is more likely, especially with the team’s 30th anniversary fast approaching.

Minnesota Wild

The Wild’s take on the North Stars flew off the shelves last time out, so it’s no surprise they’re plunging back into that well again. It’s a nice color palette, so I’ll happily pick up more.

Nashville Predators

Nashville was one of five teams NOT included in last Tuesday’s massive T-shirt leak, which means I can do whatever I want with them. I think a remix of the ’00s “mustard cat” jersey is likely, and seeing as Nashville hasn’t had a navy blue jersey in a decade, a cleaned up version of this alternative makes sense. I might see a white version of this, or a silver version of last year’s Reverse Retro if they want to get really weird.

St. Louis Blues

There’s no way that’s what the jersey will be. None. A navy version of the Gretzky-era jersey makes a lot of sense, but I don’t see the Blues ditching the yellow and royal. But I’ve been addicted to the navy and white color scheme recently, the Blues weren’t into the t-shirt flight, and it would fit really well into their current jersey cast, so damn it. Navy and white Gretzky period.

Winnipeg Jets

While initial reports leaned towards a blue-heavy WHA return for aviators, the leak clearly shows the logo that the original Jets used in the 1990s. I’ve always used aviator blue a lot here, and I think that gives a super clean look, but that looks like the likely option at this point.

And this is the central division! Which jerseys are you excited for? Do you think I’m right about my predictions? Tell me how wrong I am in the comments and tune in tomorrow for the Atlantic Division.


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