Object of the week: the bomber jacket


What it is:

Originally known as “flight jackets”, the bomber jacket has seen many evolutions since its inception in 1917. Originally designed by the US Army Aviation Clothing Board for First World War pilots, the silhouette The popular jacket is what it is today thanks, in part, to advances in aviation. Many features used even in modern design were originally introduced as essential details for its original flight-dress purpose. The typical ribbed waistband and cuffs helped with insulation, while the often present brightly colored lining was used to locate downed pilots, eventually leading to an increase in the use of other colors, such as the now prominent sage green . Its rise to fashion has been the result of a variety of factors, from its adoption by British subcultures as a form of self-expression, to its massive accessibility caused by brands and fashion designers, to its appearance in Hollywood, as in blockbuster movies like Tokyo Joe. . Today, the bomber jacket has become a fashion staple as a silhouette much loved by top designers and a beloved piece around the world, making it one of the most popular army-related designs in the world. industry.

Picture: The Kooples

Why you’ll want it:

Both fashionable and versatile, the bomber jacket comes with a range of features and styling options that allow it to appeal to a wide clientele. Additionally, the piece can often be viewed as genderless clothing, making it one that may appeal to younger shoppers who often look beyond gender norms. One of the jacket’s strongest appeals is its seasonless capability. The lightweight, yet insulating details allow it to be a comfortable layer in cool weather and still be useful as a durable outerwear option for warmer days. Moreover, its timelessness in fashion no longer needs to be proven, as it continues to make reappearances year after year. From its earliest influences in past subcultures to its mass popularity today, the bomber jacket is a fashion item that continues to have a strong impact in the industry.

Image: New Era

Where we saw it:

The bomber jacket made several appearances in AW22 menswear collections, once again returning as a staple piece for high-end designers. Both Tod’s and Hermés took the classic approach to design, the latter offering bombers with oversized pockets and leather materials in a line that looked like a more modern take on dandyism. Meanwhile, Samuel Ross’ A-Cold-Wall apparently took more inspiration from the jacket’s roots in military history, featuring a ruched version of an original A-1 bomber as part of Ross’ collection that was intended to prioritize functionality. Scandinavian brand Martin Asbjørn also leaned into the history of the jacket, but instead showed off the jacket’s asexual qualities. The brand’s oversized leather look, worn by a female model, featured many of the traditional qualities the jacket is known for, along with enlarged pockets and a bulky fit.

Picture: Palladium

How to style it:

The bomber jacket’s distinct shape and cut make it a great layering option for almost any season. Whether layered under an overcoat, worn over a t-shirt or paired with a hoodie, the jacket has a way of making a statement no matter how it’s worn. The style may depend on that of the target group. Inspired by its impact on ’60s and ’80s subculture, layer the jacket under an oversized hoodie, with lace-up boots and rugged jeans for a look that reflects the punks who embraced the style. On the other hand, drawing influences from its military roots, the jacket can also be paired with neutral and earthy shades, worn over a basic t-shirt and complemented with basic pants, such as chinos. For both smart and casual occasions, different jacket designs, such as suede or leather, can have a higher impact for the wearer. Sleek pants and a collared shirt, paired with loafers or sneakers, help create a formal look that doesn’t feel overdressed.

Picture: The Kooples

With all of its history and ongoing impact on the fashion industry, the bomber jacket is a must-have outerwear silhouette. As it continues to appear on catwalks and in store windows, whether in its typical format or displaying a range of makeovers, this genderless fashion item is unlikely to fall out of favor with shoppers. so soon, especially since he has now made his mark on the AW22 front line.


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