New shoes, helmets and more from Leatt – Eurobike 2022

With Eurobike 2022 in full swing, Leatt has filled its booth with plenty of new products for 2023 including brand new helmets, winter apparel and a preview of some iconic shoes coming next year.
Enduro 3.0 Helmet
Leatt showed off the new 3.0 Enduro helmet. The new helmet uses a three-in-one system allowing the rider to choose between a full face helmet, an open shell with ear coverage or a standard open face helmet. Leatt says he wanted to offer one helmet with plenty of choice for riders, and in terms of durability, he can eliminate the need to buy multiple helmets.
Bad weather Hydradri range
Next up is the relaunch of Leatt’s old All Mountain gear. The new line focuses on bad weather riding gear and is now called Hydradri. The Hydradri range includes monosuits, jackets and pants and uses a new claimed fabric to keep you riding whatever the weather. Leatt developed the fabric, which comes in three different levels of waterproof ability.

The main product presented in the range is the new monosuit which uses a magnetic hood. The hood has several magnets allowing it to be easily attached when not in use, then with one of the extra magnets that come with the suit you can attach it to your helmet for added security. The suit also uses collar snaps allowing two positions to have it fully up or down for a better fit with full face helmets.

In addition to the high-end 5.0 suits, Leatt also offers lower-level models that bring some of the technology from the high-end, including the magnetic hood, but at a lower price. There are also children’s versions of the lower level suits.

New Pro Shoe Rubber Compound

Another big change to Leatt’s products for 2022 involves its footwear. Leatt will keep the five different shoe designs after hearing good feedback from customers, but there will now be two choices for the soles. Previous Wafflegrip and Ridegrip proved to be really durable but did not offer the best levels of grip. So for 2023 Leatt took the feedback and created a new sole that is softer and slightly less durable, but should offer better levels of grip. These soles will be sold with the names RideGripPro and WaffleGripPro.

While there aren’t many details on this, Leatt also teased an upcoming collaboration with Tomas Lemoine for a special pair of his 2.0 shoes coming in 2023.

Updated glasses
Finally, Leatt has updated their goggles to focus more on mountain biking. Previously, many of its goggles were designed more for motorcycles, but now they have made some changes to make them better for cycling. One of the biggest changes is to add more ventilation to allow for better airflow. Additionally, the glasses use a three-layer lamination technique to create a lens.

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