Julia Fox wore low-rise jeggings that are also shoes


Julia Fox alone will ensure that the return of low-rise jeans is not a micro trend.

Julia, who has been traveling the world in extremely low-rise clothes for the past few months, was seen in Los Angeles over the weekend in an extremely advanced pair.

She wore acid wash black low rise jeggings with built in boots. She paired the shoe-jeggings (sheggings?!) with a matching bra and jacket as well as black leather gloves and a bag. It is unknown if the shoes are built in or not or if the jeggings were designed to cover the shoes.

Fox took a brief respite from her raccoon eye look and opted for a classic, glam cat eye instead. She wore her hair in a similarly sleek and feminine style with a black headband, sort of a 60s homage, perhaps?

You can see the full look here:


Julia Fox is just one of many celebs embracing one of spring’s biggest trends: the bra as a top. But Fox’s commitment to this trend as well as the low rise trend is unparalleled. She even went so far as to DIY a complete look.

In March, she proved her undying love for low-rise clothing by cutting the waistband off a pair of jeans and wearing them as a top. If nothing else, we appreciate the engagement.

This story originally appeared on Glamour.com


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