Jacket Weather’s Debut EP “Memories” Is A Thrilling Dive Into Nostalgia


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Jacket Weather is a new rocking yacht force from Sydney created by the members of the much-loved disco entity Groove City. They pack a stronger punch than their predecessors, but they certainly haven’t lost the beat.

Describing themselves as “tough as a rock, yet soft as a feather”, Jacket Weather first caught our eye last year with the release of their debut single “Go Go Boots”, which nailed the fusion of riffs. funky guitar and vocalist Calum Mawson. Turner-esque Alex abstains. The trio are about to release their first EP Memories and their sound continues to grow stronger throughout.

“The Girl Next Door” has real explosiveness with hard-hitting drums and a gripping guitar solo from Daniel Mugridge adding to the engaging lyricism of a chorus like “You know I wanna be / Romantically / Involved with you tonight / He’s Been told we don’t want no more / But I can’t ignore / The girl next door.

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“Fall For You” continues to use the Arctic Monkeys vibes to strong effect (the trio also compare their sound to Maroon 5 and Ocean Alley) as Mawson continues to revel in his vocal range, shifting effortlessly from quasi -whispering calls echoing the aforementioned uplifting refrains, stretching the lines to fit the melodies but never straining to hit the right notes. Mugridge and bassist Dan Andaloro also layer with such rhythmic ease that it’s easy to tell the band already have years of recording experience.

The titular third and final track “Memories” lowers the volume and picks up the pace, before introducing a contrasting set of refreshing choruses that once again complement those haunting guitars.

It must have been a big decision to venture into new territory after the success of Groove City over the past six years, with the band playing major festivals and selling out venues across the country with their “Groove City’s Disco” experience. Deluxe”. Yet, despite being a big change on the surface, Jacket Weather embraces the same nostalgic ’70s throwback on a contemporary soundtrack.

Memories is the first in a trio of trios, so keep an eye out for two more three-song Jacket Weather EPs to be released this year, as the trio continue to explore the possibilities of their sound in their continual groove realm.

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