J.Crew Classic Denim Jacket Review: Why We Love It


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Some style staples are part of a lifetime shopping quest. Finding the perfect lipstick, for example. Or crisp black boots that hit the edgy-classic-comfortable trio. For me, a denim jacket has always been one of those items – a wardrobe essential for layering between seasons, it can provide a casual touch that turns a formal summer dress into a casual outfit. effortless brunch, or turn up the cool factor on a basic t-shirt and jeans combo for those coveted “model off duty” vibes.

Brilliant Day Wash Classic Denim Jacket

Practical, timeless and endlessly versatile, I’ve always had a few denim jackets in my closet for various occasions. Until I met The One. The one that would make me give up all other lesser quality denim jackets, the platonic ideal of a denim top: the J.Crew classic denim jacket.

Close your eyes and imagine the perfect denim jacket: a simple fit that hits just the hip bone, with chest and side pockets, traditional (and functional) button detailing, sized with just enough room at the shoulders to make it easy and comfortable to move into, while structuring your style, skimming the body for a flattering fit without constricting you. Now open your eyes and realize that I just described the classic J.Crew denim jacket.

As the name suggests, the styling is indeed classic, and that’s one of the best things about it – they’re not trying to reinvent the wheel here, just executing it to perfection. Whereas the Brilliant Day Wash it comes standard in is a medium blue (not light or dark) that’s contoured in all the right places to make it look like you’ve been wearing it for decades, but doesn’t have that worn-in effect. that some “distressed” denim jackets give you; worn, but polished. Also, unlike stiff denim jackets, the fabric is pleasantly soft, yet structured, right off the hanger.

All that to say, when it comes to creating your perfect pan-seasonal capsule wardrobe, this is the only denim jacket that deserves a place.

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