I’m a style guru, my simple coat and shoes trick to make you look taller in an instant


If you constantly want to be a few inches taller and not have to dig up a pair of heels every time you want to add height to your look, there’s a fashion trick you’ll want to try for yourself.

TikTok stylist Renae Olivia, who is a fashion and beauty blogger on social media, has shared her simple trick to make yourself look taller in an instant – and it’s never been easier.


A fashion guru shared her top tip for making yourself look tallerCredit: TikTok/@renaeolivia8

Renae, whose profile can be found at @reneaolivia8, revealed how she always makes sure her coat perfectly matches the shoes she wears to achieve the result.

She explained: “Try not to wear a shoe that’s a drastically different color than your jacket.

“Choose a shoe that’s closer in color to your jacket to create a more streamlined look.”

Renae went on to tell her 313,400 TikTok followers, “And the bonus is that you look taller.”

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While her loyal followers told Renae she was the epitome of style and class, they also shared their thoughts on her fashion hack.

One wrote: “Love these tips!” A second said: “Very true.”

While a third also complimented Renae, adding that her chosen outfit was very “elegant”.

Others also wanted to know where the fashionista got her coat from, as she replied that she bought it from Theory Outlet.

Elsewhere in the video, the fashion fan gave another handy tip – this time on what underwear you should wear under a white shirt.

She explained, “Don’t wear a white bra under a white shirt.

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“Instead, opt for a tan or light brown that you won’t be able to see under your top.”

Renae’s other popular videos show how to tie the perfect bow on shorts and how you can make your own summer halter top.

Renae said pairing your coat and shoes would instantly add height to a look


Renae said pairing your coat and shoes would instantly add height to a lookCredit: TikTok/@renaeolivia8

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