I spent $1,000 on second-hand Kardashian clothes – Kylie Jenner’s shoes were scuffed and the coat came with a crude addition


THRIFTING has come back into fashion as people try to find the best deals on luxury items – even if that means buying second-hand clothes straight from the Kardashians’ closet.

Unfortunately, sometimes the latter might not be such a good idea, as it can bring unexpected surprises.


Laura Lee found hair on the trench coatCredit: Laura Lee/YouTube
The shoes had footprints


The shoes had footprintsCredit: Laura Lee/YouTube

Youtuber and beauty influencer Laura Lee recently purchased various items straight out of the closet from Kylie Jenner – for $1,000.

Opening her box, the first thing she noticed was a pair of red Gianvito Rossi heels that were “so worn!”

“They’ve definitely been worn out, there are scuff marks on the bottom,” she explained, pointing to the footprint inside the shoe.

“They are in incredible condition.”

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The pair usually goes for $815, but she got them for $300.

The second pair was also Gianvito Rossi who was even more worn than the first pair.

“There are a few marks inside but they seem to be in great condition,” Lee said of the silver pair.

This second pair went for $645 but paid $357.

“I wonder if the products aren’t cleaned up because people are buying them straight from the Kardashian closet because they’re a fan of the person,” she asked.

“They’re probably selling it as is so the fan can get what they want.”

For her third purchase, she received a pair of small AOTC pants for which she paid $135.

“They look really fun,” she said. “I think these will suit me and they would look really good – they are very transparent!”

And last – but certainly not least – Lee picked up a 424 brand trench coat.

“I paid $390 for it, but it’s the most expensive item I’ve bought,” she said.

“I spent close to $1,200 for all four pieces, which again, I know, is absurd and I would never spend in a store, that’s just not my vibe.

Unfortunately, as she opened the trench coat, she noticed that there was something left: hair.

“I’m not kidding! There’s hair and it’s not mine! Kylie, rip it out,” she said, pointing to the curly hair caught in the coat.

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“This jacket is an itchy material, which means it would pick up lint and hair very easily.”

Overall, despite the toe prints and the hair, Lee seemed very happy with all of her purchases and was even willing to share the trench coat with her partner.

Lots of people buy clothes from the Kardashians' closets


Lots of people buy clothes from the Kardashians’ closetsCredit: AP

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