I live in Colorado and this is the best winter jacket I have found


In Colorado, we wear Patagonia and North Face like it’s our collective uniform. Swaddled in those winter clothes, we talk to each other in code, with not-so-humble bluster like, “When I’m not busy climbing 14ers, I like to take my dog ​​to the brewery.”

However, when it comes to the best all-purpose winter gear – and I’m ready to put my Colorado credits including my bumper sticker that says “You can’t spell Colorado without a rad” on the line for this – the absolute warmest, most comfortable jacket is made by Hunter. Yes, Hunter, as in the British heritage brand that makes these iconic rain boots that come in a rainbow of colors. It turns out that the rubber boot makers have also designed the best and warmest down jacket for outdoor enthusiasts like me.

I came across a Hunter A-line Puffer Jacket on Rent the Runway last winter while looking for a warm jacket for an ice fishing trip. (It’s a model from the previous year, but you can still buy it “pre-liked”). My intention was to wrap myself up in this blue beauty with an orange zipper zip, wear the jacket for a weekend on the ice, then send it back for the next tenant to check out. But – on this fishing trip I got hooked (no pun intended) – and decided to buy the jacket rather than return it. The current season version is this women’s A-Line rubberized insulated quilted jacket.

Blue down jacket



Super warm and able to fend off wet snow like a champ, this jacket is also super easy to move around (translation: I don’t feel like the Michelin man when I wear it). It’s tough enough to withstand Colorado’s cold season, which spans biting cold winter days through wet and muddy early spring.

I have worn this puffer in downhill skiing, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. He accompanied me on a fatbike ride through a snowy upland landscape and kept me warm on a snowmobile on a particularly windy February day. It’s also the perfect jacket for more regular daily activities, like walking my dog ​​on freezing mornings and clearing heavy, wet snow from my car.

Women's A-Line Rubberized Insulated Quilted Jacket

Women’s A-Line Rubberized Insulated Quilted Jacket


$ 225.00

There are a lot of features to love about the Hunter A-Line Puffer. On the one hand, the certified vegan jacket is made with soft, padded insulation made from recycled and recycled plastic bottles. (Hooray for those outdoor jackets that are invested in keeping the great outdoors!) It also has a water-repellent rubberized shell to keep you warm even when temperatures drop to -13 degrees Fahrenheit. I found the jacket even a little too warm (a good problem to have when your après-ski buddies are shaking). The fleece-lined hood and comfortable pockets are also nice touches. This year’s puffer comes in a trio of colors: black, arctic moss green, and cool red.

Oh, and one more thing? Down jackets aren’t necessarily known to be flattering. But the elastic cords on this jacket can give you a bit of shape, even when you’re bundled up on the coldest days!

The Women’s A-Line Rubberized Insulated Quilted Jacket is $ 225 at HunterBoots.com, and a pre-loved Hunter Blue Quilted Jacket is $ 135 at RentTheRunway.com

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