I bought a TRUCKFUL of lost parcels and received LOADS of designer shoes and dresses… there was even a Dyson vacuum cleaner too


A WOMAN who bought an entire truckload of lost parcels to see if it was really worth it was stunned when she started opening them all.

Over the course of two days, she emptied the huge candy boxes with her husband and they were both shocked at the wide range of goodies inside.


The huge transport had a massive range if the productsCredit: HOPESCOPE/YOTUBE

Hope, who posted the giant transport on her YouTube channel, explained, “These giant boxes are full of online orders that haven’t reached their final destination.”

She spent £10,712 on the pallets so was expecting big business.

Hope dove straight in and started unboxing the mystery goods, and things definitely started off well, she got a pair of Doc Martins worth £169 along with plenty of other shoes including Adidas, Converse, Birkenstocks and Toms.

The majority of the boxes were filled with clothes, some of which were definitely better than others.

Mostly there were t-shirts from places like Gap and Forever 21, but there were also more expensive items, such as a complete Versace Jeans suit worth £1,015.

Of course, buying that many lost parcel boxes can be risky, as there’s no guarantee that any of them will be worth anything and could be badly damaged.

Hope discovered this when she opened several pairs of damaged merchandise, including shoes, golf clubs and even a damaged guitar.

Some of the weirder items included hairnets, denim underwear and a fireproof jacket.

The haul also included plenty of loose items, like 113 pet outfits, 141 Baby Yoda t-shirts and 74 pairs of Adidas socks. In fact, there were a total of 232 pairs of socks in the transport.

However, there were also other designer items, such as a £421 Tory Burch dress and even a Dior bag worth £3,558, but Hope noted she was unsure if the bag was a false or not.

Surprisingly, the loot contained a huge box of jewelery worth £2,500 which featured bargains from top brands like Swarovski.

Hope kept the best box until the end, which contained a cordless Dyson vacuum cleaner which retails for £7,200.

Although some of the golf clubs were damaged, some were also in perfect condition, including one worth £150.

Some other items included bicycle frames, a hoverboard, a typewriter and five Apple keyboards.

Overall, Hope seemed pretty happy with the gigantic haul, she said: “I ended up saving around $5,827 (£4,930) for myself and my friends.”

She estimates the huge loot was actually worth £36,130.

The boxes were full to the brim with products


The boxes were full to the brim with productsCredit: HOPESCOPE/YOUTUBE
Some of the items were worth a decent amount of money


Some of the items were worth a decent amount of moneyCredit: HOPESCOPE/YOUTUBE
They got their hands on three guitars


They got their hands on three guitarsCredit: HOPESCOPE/YOUTUBE
There were a lot of handbags in the transport


There were a lot of handbags in the transportCredit: HOPESCOPE/YOUTUBE
An expensive Dyson vacuum cleaner was a great find


An expensive Dyson vacuum cleaner was a great findCredit: HOPESCOPE/YOUTUBE
Hope didn't know if the bag was real or fake


Hope didn’t know if the bag was real or fakeCredit: HOPESCOPE/YOUTUBE
Two other guitars from the transport


Two other guitars from the transportCredit: HOPESCOPE/YOUTUBE
A box of products


A box of productsCredit: HOPESCOPE/YOUTUBE


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