Hockey jerseys, but make it fashionable



First of all: the jerseys? Sweaters? Sweatshirts? Jer-sweats? I don’t have a preference, but I think I normally say jerseys. But when we talk about retro uniforms, I feel like I’m leaning towards sweaters. I do not know. Tell me in the comments why I’m wrong.

Regardless, with not much else to say in the hockey news these days, Hockey World has been abuzz with discussions about jerseys lately. Here’s a good question, featuring Stinger and the Pooh:

Personally, I was not in love with this CBJ – CJB jersey? CBJ? Hmm. But he’s also an icon in Blue Jackets franchise history, as PD and Will explain in this week’s podcast. PD got it right when he said that this jersey looked like a 90s clip art. The Stinger shoulder patches look weird to me, and I also agree with PD’s take that the Blue Jackets had an identity crisis early in the franchise. What is the mascot? What is this green bug compared to a blue jacket? Was the green bug just a hasty fix to the ill-conceived but also hilarious phallic Boomer mascot? The early 2000s were a long enough time to be alive.

The idea was floated for teams to create fourth shirts for the upcoming season, which will have a “reverse retro†theme. Impressive! While jackets weren’t around in the ’90s, they certainly have a lot of’ 90s style as mentioned above. I LOVE the current Jackets third shirts, and that ticks the boxes for me when it comes to a ‘retro’ feel. But if the Jackets were to create another retro fourth jersey, I think they could take a lot of inspiration from their initial design from the early 2000s and incorporate a little bit of acid stinger green.

Speaking of incorporating green, Dallas took it out of the park with their brand new jersey and logo concept, in my opinion:

Like, shit, right? It gives me Monster-energy-drink vibes and I love it. There are also a bunch of cool little Texan details in this blackout design:

While the Stars have taken this futuristic approach with their jersey design, the Calgary Flames entirely purchased in the retro angle with the jersey plans for their upcoming season. I also think these are literally “fire†jersey concepts:

What do you think? My favorite thing about hockey jerseys are the polarizing opinions everyone has about them. What do you think a fourth CBJ jersey should look like? Will they catapult themselves into the future with a cool new look, or should they go back to their roots with a retroactive overhaul? Sound off in the comments! Or, better yet, if you have some InDesign skills, show us your best jersey concept! Be sure to tune in to this week’s podcast for a full description of jersey concepts, as well as a return-to-play plan and the teams’ current position with their rosters.



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