Held introduces the Jakata and Zeffiro 3.0 jacket and pant combo


Famous German manufacturer of motorcycle gear and equipment Held started life as a small glove-making company in 1946. It then grew into one of Germany’s popular gear manufacturers, after having developed a racing glove for famous German racer Toni Mang in 1983. Since then the brand has gone far beyond glove making and manufactures just about every wearable item ranging from helmets, gloves, jackets , pants and boots.

Held’s most recent innovation comes in the form of the Jakata and Zeffiro 3.0, a jacket and pant combination, sold separately, and designed to keep riders feeling fresh and cool during the summer months. Of course, the summer months mean it’s the perfect time to get out and about. However, the ill effects of dehydration and prolonged heat exposure can invade you like a thief in the night. Instead of compromising your safety by foregoing certain gear, Held wants you to dress in a full set of gear, while maintaining the comfort and breathability you need to stay comfortable.

Let’s start with the Jakata. This 199.95 Euro ($204) jacket has most of its surface constructed from breathable mesh panels. It uses a touring-oriented cut and is adorned with multiple pockets to provide plenty of practicality. Its understated black color scheme keeps things rather neutral, meaning the jacket is perfectly suited to a wide range of motorcycles. The Jakata also benefits from numerous adjustment possibilities to ensure the perfect fit. For example, there are pelvic adjusters and Velcro adjusters on the sleeves. On the protection side, Held has integrated protectors on the shoulders and elbows, as well as a sleeve to accommodate a standard back protector.

Held introduces the Jakata and Zeffiro 3.0 jacket and pant combo

Held also launched the Zeffiro 3.0 pants. These non-membrane, non-waterproof pants have breathability in mind and are sure to keep your lower extremities cool no matter how fast you ride. They feature little more than a single abrasion-resistant mesh panel, plus removable and height-adjustable knee protectors as standard. Optional hip protectors can also be fitted. The pants have four external pockets for greater practicality, as well as reflective inserts for better visibility when the sun goes down. The Held Zeffiro 3.0 pants sell for 149.95 euros, or US$153, based on current exchange rates.


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