Eric Dickerson doesn’t hate new Rams jerseys



The Los Angeles Rams still have a new uniform.

This one looks better than the previous new look. Ask Eric Dickerson.

The Hall of Fame running back who made four-time All-Pro as Ram blew up last year’s makeover that came alongside the team’s first season at SoFi Stadium. He told AM 570 in Los Angeles that the new design suited the Chargers better, and that the ram’s horns looked like “two bananas” on the side of the helmet.

“It doesn’t look like football” Dickerson said. “It doesn’t sound hard.”

He made the comments while he was the team’s vice president of business development. The self-proclaimed “Rambassador” then pledged on Twitter to address the larger complaints about the makeover across the franchise ladder.

Apparently the message got through. Type of.

Eric Dickerson doesn’t hate the new Rams jerseys. (Focus on Sports / Getty Images)

Dickerson introduces new discussions

The Rams unveiled a new jersey on Tuesday that the team calls a “modern comeback.” They will wear the new threads three times this season.

There isn’t much that stands out as new about the jerseys. Feel free to analyze the differences for yourself. But it’s a chance to sell more gear, and the Rams released a coincident hype video featuring running back Cam Akers. This time they took Dickerson on board. He makes an appearance at the end of the video, tossing his new jersey at Akers while proclaiming “let’s play soccer”.

But these banana horn helmets don’t seem to be going anywhere. So far, there is no further comment from Dickerson on this front.

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