Classic Raptors jerseys voted best of all time


Vince Carter was no stranger to the Raptors’ purple jersey. (Photo via Getty)

With the coronavirus ravaging the Toronto Raptors squad and games being canceled left and right, fans don’t have much to cheer or look forward to right now.

But while the team cannot be praised for their performance on the pitch, the organization has been recognized for the brilliance of their creative direction.

The Raptors’ 1998-99 purple uniform has been hailed as the best NBA jersey of all time, as voted by fans across Europe via Toronto’s classic sons topped a 10-team roster, including the gold and purple of the Lakers, the clover green of the Celtics and the black jerseys of the 1990s Bulls.

The shortlist was selected by a panel of various European media, celebrities and influencers.

The vote comes as part of the NBA’s 75th anniversary celebration, with the NBA Euro 75 vote honoring players and fans across the continent. The all-time jersey vote was the second category voted for by European fans, with the first poll crowning the 1995-98 Bulls as the league’s greatest dynasty.

The remaining voting categories include All-Time European NBA Moment and All-Time European NBA First and Second Teams, which will be completed in the spring.

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