Chicago White Sox create new clothes for MLB



Nike released its New City connect series jerseys on Saturday, May 28. Here is where you can buy the White Sox Chicago Southside jerseys.

The new version of the City Connect jerseys from Nike is now available.

Major League Baseball (MLB) and Nike have announced their partnership to create field uniforms in 2020. As a result of this partnership, the sportswear company has released a new Connect series for baseball players and the fans.

Nike developed the MLB City Connect series, working with legendary baseball clubs like Arizona Diamondbacks, Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers, Miami Marlins, San Francisco Giants, etc.

The new clothing line is called City Connect because it strives to honor the history of these clubs, their fans and the city they represent as well as their culture.

While Nike created a series of MLB apparel, the one they made for the Chicago White Sox caught many eyes.

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Find out how much New White Sox jerseys cost and where to buy them!

Where to buy Nike White Sox City Connect jerseys?

Baseball fans can visit Nike official site, the Nike app, or the MLB Shop to buy their favorite jerseys.

The White Sox Southside Swimwear pay homage to South Chicago, a cultural hub of the city that has spawned many successful musicians and athletes.


Southside jerseys also reflect a rich history. By 1991, the Chicago White Sox unveiled a whole new identity that perfectly matched the communities of Southside and their resilient spirit.

Other jerseys in the Connect series include the Nike Miami Marlins jersey and the Boston Red Sox jersey.


Nike MLB City Connect jerseys prices

White Sox Southside inspired jersey cost range between $ 29 and $ 89. On the other hand, Nike’s Miami Marlins jersey is between $ 29 and $ 134.99. (All prices mentioned for replica jerseys)

Fans should note that they can choose to purchase an authentic Nike MLB city connect series jersey or a replica. The price of the authentic jerseys is much higher than the available replicas.


For example, the replica Boston Red Sox jersey costs $ 134.99, but the authentic costs $ 434.99.

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