Canucks wear Lunar New Year warm-up jerseys designed by Vancouver artist


Lunar New Year is just days away, but the Vancouver Canucks are already dressed up.

The team sported new red and gold jerseys fit for a king or, in the case of Lunar New Year, a tiger.

Tweet from @NHL: These @Canucks #LunarNewYear jerseys are beyond. 🔥

The Year of the Tiger begins February 1, so when designing the team’s warm-up jerseys, Vancouver artist Trevor Lai took inspiration from the apex predator, transforming the classic Canucks orca into a tiger.

“It’s inspiring to imagine an orca transforming into a tiger, symbolizing that we can become anything we want to be, including a better neighbor and ally to each other,” Lai said.

Tweet from @Canucks: Introducing the 2022 #Canucks Lunar New Year Jersey! Designed by artist Trevor Lai (@UPStudiosWorld), the jersey will be worn by the team during warm-ups as part of our Lunar New Year celebration later this season.

On the shoulder patch, Lai incorporated Millennium Gate into Vancouver’s Chinatown.

“The Chinese name for the Canucks is 加人队 (jia ren dui) and I imagined the characters would fit perfectly into the catwalk,” he said.

Tweet from @Canucks: Embracing and celebrating the Chinese community, Trevor Lai (@UPStudiosWorld) brought the #LunarNewYear jersey shoulder patch to life. (first character for Canada), (people ), (team) woven into Vancouver’s Chinatown Millennium Gate are prominently displayed.

The words at the top of Millennium Gate read, “remember the past and look to the future”, and Lai felt it was important to include this vision.

“We all want to look to the future, but we have to learn from our past to improve together,” Lai said.

Tweet from @Canucks: Tonight we celebrate #LunarNewYear alongside our diverse East Asian communities. We’re proud to stand with partners like @Elimin8_hate in the fight against racism and amplifying the work of designers like Trevor Lai (@UPStudiosWorld). Voiced by @eileenparktv.

The Lunar New Year warm-up jerseys will be auctioned off to benefit #Elimin8Hate, a local community organization fighting for racial equity and an inclusive society for all Asian Canadians.


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