Big Boots à la Kanye West


It just happened: the ankles are outside.

Fashion is embracing big, chunky boots for Fall/Winter 2022, a trend we can probably only blame on Kanye West.

For months now, Ye has exclusively worn elephantine work boots in public, from rubber Wellingtons by Balenciaga x Crocs to 3049s by Red Wing (a workwear staple now selling on Grailed for thousands).

The rapper even released his own ankle-obscuring shoes. In November 2021, YEEZY dropped the NSLTD BT, a gargantuan shoe that inspired comparisons to Pachyderm Feet, Oven Mitts and Jumba Jookiba. Lilo & Stitch.

While Ye is, for better or worse, an industry pioneer, fashion’s taste for bulky kicks can be attributed to another, more benign force: the resurgence of the Moon Boot.

The après-ski essential, loved by many celebrities in the early 2000s, has returned to the forefront, thanks to collaborations with popular brands such as GCDS, Chloé, Moncler Genius and more. website.

Even Prada, an arbiter of taste, sells its own version of the Moon Boot, a quilted creation made of a puffer-like material.

In fashion month, designers are moving away from ankle-baring mules and heel-revealing slip-ons (a favorite during the height of the pandemic), opting instead for silhouettes that protect the modesty of the foot and calf. .

At the menswear runways in Paris, Nigo’s debut collection for Kenzo featured UGG-adjacent styling, complete with a buckled strap across the vamp.

Loewe’s Jonathan Anderson followed suit, presenting show-stopping sheepskin boots and boots that can only be described as bucket bags for your feet.

More recently, Raf Simons showed off clunky wader-like boots, some with downright aggressive toes.

Chet Lo, one of this year’s Fashion East designers, launched ski boots in pastel faux fur tones and spiked knee-highs.

And Glenn Martens, Diesel’s new helmsman, continued to experiment with denim slacks, basically baggy jeans with built-in boots.

So get ready to cover your ankles and calves – we’re all set to sink into colder weather in the fall.


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