Best waterproof boots for men 2022: From smart shoes to hiking boots


Whether you need something smart for the office, a stylish shoe for social occasions, or an all-terrain walking boot, there’s a waterproof option to fit your lifestyle.

Footwear can be waterproof in different ways. The simple and traditional method is to use naturally waterproof or water-repellent materials, such as rubber or leather, and many waterproof boots still use these materials to varying degrees – especially rubber boots, rubber boots named d ‘After Viscount Wellington, Arthur. Wellesley. Rubber boots these days come in many different styles, including low and mid-top models, which are well suited for everyday wear.

Smart leather boots can be waterproof or just water resistant, depending on their style, construction, and material specifications. Leather is naturally porous (how else would cows sweat?), which means that untreated leather is wet and lets moisture through, although it offers a fairly good level of water resistance. However, some leathers can be effectively made waterproof using chemical treatments during their manufacture.

One of the most waterproof shoe categories is, of course, hiking shoes and walking shoes. Since the 1970s these boots have often been made with waterproof membranes – a waterproof layer built into the fabric of the boot – with much use of membranes from leading specialist, GORE-TEX, although some brands now have their own systems. patented sealing. the water.

Best waterproof boots for men: at a glance

How to Choose the Best Men’s Waterproof Boots for You

Lifestyle is arguably the most important factor when choosing the right pair of waterproof boots for your needs. What conditions and situations do you tend to encounter on a daily basis? Depending on what you do, you might need relatively formal shoes that are suitable for work or social occasions. Whereas, if you often find yourself hiking off the beaten path in more adverse weather conditions, you may prefer something sturdier, like a hiking shoe.

It is also worth considering the level of waterproofing you need. While all boots marketed as waterproof should be waterproof, other factors, such as the fit of the boot, will affect the likelihood of water reaching your feet. Generally speaking, a taller boot that can be tucked into a pant leg will provide the best protection, while lower boots and shoes will provide alternative benefits, such as lighter weight or a more polished aesthetic.

Some Brits will need more robust weatherproofing than others simply because of the rainfall in their area. Areas like Wales, the Scottish Highlands and the North West of England get a lot more rain than places like East Anglia and the South East, so someone in Cardiff is geographically predisposed to feet wetter than anyone in Cambridge.

You will also want to think about the price. A good pair of waterproof boots will cost more than a similar pair without waterproofing because they often require the use of specialized technologies, such as waterproof membranes or techniques to seal the seams. With that in mind, you should expect to spend more than your usual starter budget on a waterproof pair.

Finally, be aware that “waterproof” and “water-resistant” do not mean the same thing: waterproof boots must be completely waterproof, while from a certain point, water-resistant boots water can let in water as they get wetter. . If you need shoes that are completely waterproof, make sure they are sold as “waterproof” before you buy.

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The best waterproof boots for men in 2022

1. Ariat Wexford Waterproof Chelsea Boot: The Best Smart Waterproof Boot

Price: £160 | Shop now at Ariat

Tough enough for a country walk, but smart enough for a job interview, the Wexford is a brilliantly versatile boot.

We were particularly impressed with the quality of materials and finish of the Wexford. The boots are really sturdy, while their full-grain leather is particularly soft and pleasant to the foot, requiring very little, if any, breaking-in.

The Wexford is waterproofed through a combination of a specially treated leather exterior and an internal waterproof barrier, which seemed to work wonderfully in our testing. For complete protection from the elements, just be sure to wear pants that cover the tops of the boots.

Key Details – Waterproofing: PRO™ waterproof construction with waterproof leather and waterproof barrier; Materials: 100% leather; Style: Smart Field Boot

Shop now at Ariat

2. Hanwag Blueridge ES Walking Boots: Best Waterproof Hiking Boot

Price: £164 | Shop now at Alpine Trek

For the wearer who wants a full fledged pair of hiking boots for their urban adventures, the Hanwag Blueridge ES would be a great choice.

This boot is tough, stable and resilient, while its sporty aesthetic and moderate dimensions help bridge the gap between outdoor functionality and suitability for work and socializing.

We were also impressed with the waterproofness of the Blueridge ES. The Perwanger leather and waterproof membrane withstood rain showers brilliantly and even withstood an accidental spraying of salt water when our reviewer strayed too close to the sea.

Key Details – Waterproofing: PFC-free HANWAG EcoShell membrane, water-repellent Perwanger leather upper; Materials: Leather & Synthetic; Style: Mid-top hiking shoe

Shop now at Alpine Trek

3. Scarpa Mojito GTX Waterproof Trainers: The Best Smart Waterproof Trainers

Price: £137 | Shop now at Alpine Trek

Curve Ball! They’re not boots, but these waterproof shoes from outdoor adventure specialist Scarpa might have everything you need.

The Mojito GTX combines street-ready style with excellent waterproofing, thanks to GORE-TEX technology. We loved the look and feel of the soft suede upper and found the shoes to be remarkably comfortable at home and on the go.

An unusual advantage of the Mojito GTX is that the laces reach almost to the tip of the toes, which means you have fine control over the fit – by adjusting the laces, our tester was able to sculpt the shoe perfectly to his size . foot shape.

We also found the Mojito GTX to be a particularly warm shoe, relative to its fit and weight. While in terms of waterproofing, the only downside is the relatively low collar height, which leaves the ankles exposed.

Key Details – Waterproofing: GORE-TEX, water-resistant suede; Materials: leather/synthetic; Style: Basketball

Shop now at Alpine Trek

4. Muck Originals “Duck” Lace-Up Short Leather Boots: The best waterproof boots for comfort

Price: From £137 | Shop now at Country Attire

Combining the unbeatable waterproofing of high-quality rubber boots with an ultra-soft leather upper, The Original Muck Boot Co.’s “Duck” is an inventive gem of a boot, ideal for use in variable conditions.

These boots are incredibly comfortable. Memory foam insoles are soft and flexible, and moisture-wicking fabric inside the boot helps keep feet dry.

With their laid-back country style, these boots would be ideal for a muddy walk, and maybe even the subsequent visit to a local pub. Likewise, they are a great option that is easy to wear in the garden or in the field.

Key Details – Waterproofing: Waterproof leather and rubber body; Materials: Rubber and leather exteriors, synthetic interiors; Style: Rubber boots.

Shop now at Country Attire


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