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With so many new sneaker companies appearing, there are plenty of companies that are known for one thing in particular. For example, when you think of sport, you think of Nike or adidas. These names are synonymous with performance shoes and in particular running shoes. Some brands have a long history of making shoes for different distances and for runners of different skill levels. Coaches are not taken lightly. Those who walk the miles are very critical of the companies entering space. YouTubers like Jamison Michael have built strong followers because of the content he creates, teaching people how these high-priced business tools work. This article highlights some of the businesses that you may have heard of but don’t really associate with running. This is not a post that says these are great shoes. It’s an article that shows that your favorite business might have a shoe that you might want to check out.

Allbirds Wool Dasher Mizzle Mid in Mist – Your favorite sustainable sneaker brand is known for its woolen shoes. A favorite of tech leaders in Silicon Valley, Allbirds doesn’t create technical shoes. While their shoes are called Runners, now that’s really what they’re made for, until recently. The brand took their Sweet Foam Tech and built a performance-ready midsole. They coated their merino wool uppers with a fluoride-free water repellent and voila, Allbirds is in the running game.

Source: Men’s Wool Mizzles Dasher – Mid – Mist (white sole)
List price: $ 145

Columbia Wildone Anthem in Antique Mauve / River Blue – If you like to hike in the cold, you probably own a Columbia jacket or some cold weather gear, but I’m pretty sure people who have heard of Columbia don’t know the company makes one. of the most doped sneakers of the year. They also made an amazing model last year, but it got overlooked, so you can get the Facet 45 over half way over on the site right now. This new Wildone comes with a water and stain resistant treatment, but it’s the suede overlays in the right places that make this an exceptional product. It is also the price.

Source: Men’s Wildone Anthem
List price: $ 100

Cole Haan ZERØGRAND Outpace 2 in Nimbus Cloud / Safety Yellow – I asked a runner to definitively state that Cole Haan couldn’t make a serious running shoe when he first launched his foray into the market. Neither of us had tested it, but he said with certainty that it was fair for the show. I didn’t run in this one either, but as a serious second delivery Cole Haan took what they learned as a company previously owned by Nike and improved upon their entry. This shoe certainly looks out of the room and the brand understands it can’t compete with the big boys. On the site it is stated that the shoes are designed for light jogging and moderate training.

Source: ZEROGRAND Outpace 2 Nimbus Safety Yellow for men
List price: $ 120

Merrell Moab Flight Low in Tangerine– Like Columbia, Merrell is an outdoor company known for its emphasis on hiking shoes, clothing and gear. Like Columbia and the next brand on this list, their running shoes are primarily aimed at trail running, but you can clearly see that they were designed for runners with an added touch of the outdoors in the upper. Somewhere a person reading this looks in the closet at their flannel for the coming fall weather and says, “I know I have a shirt that matches these shoes.” I look at it and say these look just as sturdy and stylish. With a Vibram outsole and layers of cushioning you know it has to look like a cloud and when you add that the model is made with eco-friendly materials and is a vegan option Merrell continues to slip a few. pairs of trendy options between the Moccasins and Randonneurs. Now if I can get them to come up with some cool names like Tangerine / Leaf Green-Autumn Plaid, maybe it would be a little more fun to read the description.

Source: Moab Flight Low Mandarin
List price: $ 110

The North Face Vectiv Escape FUTURELIGHT in Tin Gray / Monterey Blue– When Vectiv was launched, I called it a “game changerâ€â€¦ Nowhere did I see a single pair of Vectiv runners. I don’t even have a pair. When I cycle, I don’t see them running. I haven’t hiked so maybe this is where they are. I’m sure the problem is the lack of locations carrying the model and the ad is not showing up in my NBA, Sneaker, and Motivational Speech YouTube feed. I bought the Under Armor Fat Tire last as a performance track option (for hikes I’ve never done), but I watch them and do my best not to click the button and get this pair or Taraval Street. This shoe features a waterproof upper, 3D printed TPU underfoot and a similar rocker design (like my BrandBlack Auras with a Vibram outsole).

Source: Vectiv Escape FUTURELIGHT Pewter Gray Blue Monterey
List price: $ 149



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