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Contrary to popular belief, the world of men’s shoes can be daunting. The choices are endless. The styles are very varied. What is appropriate and what is not for different types of occasions usually lies in minor and tiny details that are often missed by the normal eye. But, knowing the rules is a must.

One of the trickiest style conundrums for men is determining the appropriate shoe choice for certain occasions. And while sleek white sneakers for men have become widely acceptable for formal and business functions, your shoe arsenal calls for the best oxford shoes.

What are Oxford shoes?

You have certainly seen them before. Oxford shoes are defined by a closed lacing system that conceals the upper part of the shoe and is equipped with a low heel. Other popular must-haves, like derby shoes, are open-laced, while brogues are decorative and loafers are much more casual. Oxford shoes, on the other hand, are the most formal dress shoes for men and are suitable for events such as business meetings, weddings and black tie events.

The different types of Oxford shoes

  • Plain toe: Free of any frills on the toe, a plain toe Oxford is the most formal Oxford variation. As the name suggests, plain toe oxfords don’t have a reinforced toe and look best with your finest tuxedos.
  • Whole cut: To identify a wholecut Oxford, direct your gaze to the details. Unlike the plain toe, the upper part of a fully cut shoe is cut from a single piece of leather, which means the upper part of the shoe will be free of any lining. These are best for those times in life when you need to look a little polite, like a date or a job interview.
  • toe cap: Unlike its full-cut counterpart, the cap-toe shoe has a few more layers. You will notice that there is an extra piece of leather on the toe box and the shoe is fitted with a heel cap.

The Best Men’s Oxford Shoes of 2022

What to Look for in the Best Oxford Shoes

Men’s shoes, especially Oxfords, require a closer look at the details. So when trying to assess those who are truly superior to others, try to pick up on the little things.

  • Leather: The quality of the leather, as well as its provenance and suppleness, should be one of the first things you look for.
  • Comfort: “The lacing of the Oxford is normally an advantage in terms of comfort,” explains Daniel Bucheli, president of the shoe brand Le Majordome. “The lacing allows you to adjust the fit by loosening or tightening the laces (which is trickier to do with a moccasin or a Chelsea boot).”

The best way to wear Oxfords

So when will your fantastic pair of Oxford shoes make an appearance? Well, according to Bucheli, there are a few things to consider. “As you have to sit down and take the time to lace them up, they’ll always have a more polished appeal than a loafer you can just slip into, especially if it’s an Oxford without too much ornamentation. like a stretch,” he says. “And unlike a derby, which by definition is made up of several pieces of leather, the simplicity of the Oxford pattern adds to its elegance (which is also the case for no-frills versions, such as a wholecut).

Florsheim Tux Toe Cap Oxford Shoes

Patent leather is usually always reserved for formal affairs. Pair it with a cap toe Oxford and you’ll be ready for any stylish evening. These shoes from Florsheim exemplify that brilliantly and pair well with any tuxedo or evening coat. Equipped with a fully padded memory foam footbed, they’re as comfortable as they are stylish. Florsheim prides itself on high quality craftsmanship with its shoes and you will definitely get what you pay for.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Nordstrom

Magnanni Palos Oxford Shoes

If you’re heading to a business meeting, a cocktail party or a date and want to add a touch of sophistication to your look, consider these Oxfords from Magnanni. These shoes have the trifecta of a good Oxford: well constructed, comfortable and elegant. With a burnished finish, these Oxfords marry modernity and tradition. They also have a cushioned insole with arch support, so you can say goodbye to your shoe troubles.

Palos Oxford

CREDIT: Courtesy of Nordstrom

Oxford shoes Johnston & Murphy Melton

If you’re looking for a starter Oxford, these from Johnston & Murphy will surely serve you well. They have a classic appearance, which makes them perfect for almost any occasion, including business meetings or weddings. Like all good Oxfords, they are made with premium leather and Johnston & Murphy, a shoe company founded in 1850, knows this best. You can also wear these Brogues with jeans and a pretty jacket for a casual chic look.

Oxford 'Melton'

CREDIT: Courtesy of Nordstrom

Leather shoes Berluti Alessandro Démesure

If you’re looking to splurge on an Oxford, Berluti is always the way to go. Made in Italy, these finely shaped almond shoes are made from high quality Venezia leather, a supple and fine material. This pair in particular is one of the oldest models of Oxfords ever made by the brand. Buying a pair would not only place you in the ranks of the style gods, but also make you part of Berluti history.

Leather shoes Alessandro Démesure

CREDIT: courtesy of My Theresa

Ermenegildo Zegna Formal Oxford Shoes

As one of the most recognizable luxury brands today, it’s no surprise that Ermenegildo Zegna also has some of the best and most trusted Oxfords on the market. Crafted from supple leather in Italy, these shoes feature a formal lace-up detail and are finished with sleek rubber soles. Their almond shape makes them modern and they go easily with beautiful pants both casual and formal.


CREDIT: courtesy of My Theresa

Ted Baker London Walster Toe Cap Oxford Shoes

If you’re looking for an everyday Oxford, a tan like this from Ted Baker is one of the most stylish. They’re suitable for days when you choose to don a blue or gray suit, and in some cases can elevate your off-duty look in jeans. Made with a leather upper and rubber sole, these shoes are beautifully made and equally comfortable.

Walster Oxford with straight toe

CREDIT: Courtesy of Nordstrom

Dr. Martens 1461 Bex Pleasures Leather Oxford Shoes

Oxfords don’t always have to side with the dapper dandies. In fact, they can be used for quite the opposite aesthetic. Dr. Martens is a brand that has always been at the forefront of a grunge look that will always be timeless. These sleek oxford shoes are part of a collaboration with Pleasures that puts a tie-dye twist on the 1461 Bex. With the style’s iconic notched sole, they offer a more relaxed and street style vibe.

Dr. Martens Oxford Shoes

Johnston & Murphy Wilshire Oxford Shoes Collection

One way to flaunt your sophistication is with a pair of patent leather Oxfords and luckily for us Johnston & Murphy has got us covered. Crafted in Italy, this pair features the traditional Oxford lace-up construction, plus comfortable lining and insoles, and is finished with a sleek almond toe. Like a nice watch and a nice crisp white shirt, a pair of patent leather shoes like these are an essential in any gentleman’s closet. For their high quality, these are worth the extra buck.

Johnston & Murphy collection

CREDIT: courtesy of Zappos

Winthrop Pelton shoes

Are you a sneaker guy, but want to tap into your Oxford side? Or are you an Oxford guy who wants to be able to feel the comfort of sneakers without sacrificing a polished look? Well, here it is: the Pelton shoes from Winthrop combine the two. This shoe is made from an extremely breathable leather lining, making it a great shoe for those days when you know you’re stepping in. I would refrain from wearing them to ultra formal events, but they are certainly golden for more casual events.

Winthrop Pelton

CREDIT: courtesy of Zappos

Grenson Archie leather lace-up brogues

Think of brogues as a more decorative version of Oxfords, although technically they follow the design of Oxford shoes, as evidenced by these Grenson, Oxfords, which consist of traditional lace-up closures. However, oxfords differ in their design, which is evident in the perforated details of the shoe. Grenson is best known for making top quality shoes, so you know the dollars spent are definitely worth it.

Archie leather lace-up derbies

CREDIT: Courtesy of Farfetch

BP Shane Lace-Up Casual Derby Shoes

If you want a slightly more casual and comfortable Oxford look, opt for a derby shoe. While this pair certainly has the recurring sophistication of the Oxford, the derby has an open lace upper, which means more mobility. This pair of BP’s is ideal for a casual work day in the office or a weekend getaway. They are made from soft suede to allow for an extra flexible fit.

Shane Casual Lace-Up Derby

CREDIT: Courtesy of Nordstrom

Boss Eastside plain derby shoes

For those looking for a contemporary sensibility as opposed to traditional styles, these shoes from Boss fit the bill. With super smooth leather and a clean silhouette, there’s no denying the level of class these shoes exude. Plus, who doesn’t love a bit of light sheen from smooth leather? Pair them with a dark colored suit (but avoid black).

Plain Eastside derby

CREDIT: Courtesy of Nordstrom

Meet the expert

Daniel Bucheli is the president of the bespoke footwear and leather goods brand, Le Majordome.


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