10 awesome pairs of men’s boots to enhance your fall wardrobe



Boot season has arrived and we’ve been drooling over all the striking options this year.

We’ve already covered some of the best options for women, so we’ve decided to expand our men’s fall style guide with a dedicated piece today.

Below is a selection of our favorite men’s boots in black, brown, blue, tartan, snakeskin and more. Read on to see what beautiful shoes will put the finishing touches on your favorite fall looks today.

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It’s a very sexy boot, as it should be since it has such a famous name among cool men (that’s James Dean for anyone too young to know). Western boots have a moment this season, but fear not, this boot will accompany you for years to come thanks to its versatile shape and incredible construction.

Insider Comfortable Lace-Up Boots

You can wear these hiking boots, but they will look just as good with nice pants at dinner as they would on the trails. The plush insole and the light feel make them just as comfortable in both situations.

The Jack Boot in Aberdeen

Not for the faint of heart, Taft makes boots for the bold and stylish man who isn’t ashamed of his shoe game. Slip on these Jack ankle boots in the beautifully tartan ‘Aberdeen’ print to liven up an all-black outfit or tie a delightfully mish-mash outfit in its approach.

Honcho Black

We’re no scientists here, but our own reverent looking experiments tell us that men look sexy in motorcycle boots. Don’t believe us? Try them out for yourself and see what happens.

Men’s Indiana 2.0 Non-Slip Steel Toe Work Boot

Looking for something sturdy in a color adaptable to any outfit that will last you years of hard work? Try these steel end caps from Caterpillar. They promise the best protection you can find in a work boot, with everything from impact and compression protection to electrical hazard protection and slip resistance to ASTM guidelines.


These blue boots have personality for days to come, and their expert craftsmanship and tailored fit will do you so well you might never take them off. Pair it with a navy or beige suit for a vintage look that will look fresh now or in 20 years.

high lace-up ankle boots in black faux leather on a chunky sole with pocket detail

These boots are the chic intersection of gothic and military, and we think you’ll look amazing paired with everything from cargo pants tucked in top to skinny jeans from last year in need of a refresh. style.

Oscar Boots

The mix of textures with smooth and grained leather is a subtle yet elegant touch, and the shape is timeless, so you’re sure to keep them for a while. The best of all? These beautiful boots are on sale for $ 239 right now, almost half of their regular price.

Vegan Richards – Gray Snakeskin

Snakeskin has always been cool, but he’s never been so cool as when Nicolas Cage, playing the slightly deranged Sailor Ripley character in the David Lynch film in 1990 The heart that is in Desert, mutters: “It’s a snakeskin jacket!” And for me, it’s a symbol of my individuality and my belief in personal freedom.

Since then, bad boys who practice surreal cinema all over the world have coveted the adventurous print in their accessories, including those behind these incredible vegan leather boots from Straight To Hell. Kick them out, strut your stuff, and show your rock-solid defiance of the status quo with panache.

Laredo Brentwood

The Western vibe is of course scattered throughout this article, but we had to end with a pair of honest cowboy boots for good measure.

Laredos look rock hard, with the traditional swirled leather and infamous shape that lets people know you mean business. Silver details on the toe and heel add a bit of flash that looks incredibly crisp without adding unwanted pretenses. For less than $ 150, you’ll be hard pressed to find a brand new cowboy boot.



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