June 18, 2019

What to pay with credit and what to pay with debit?

When paying for purchases, do you pay with the one that comes out of the wallet first? Do you use them in turn without considering what you are acquiring? Then you have to learn to identify when each one suits you.

Eye, it is not a danger to have both types of cards, since the ideal is that you have both a debit card, which is where you save your money, as with a credit card, which lends you money that you will pay back in installments. Nor is it a question of using the credit card for everything, but in interspersing the use of both.

So what is the criteria when deciding what to use in each case? Here are some simple tips.

For payments

For payments

Use the debit card. Since it is the same as withdrawing money and paying in cash. That payment was already budgeted so it is not convenient to pay it in installments because it will generate unnecessary interest.


To buy the food of the month

To buy the food of the month

Use the debit card. As with the payments of the month, this is a fixed expense, so it should not be charged to the credit card, but budgeted and collected from the salary.


For purchases of appliances, furniture and other “expensive” appliances

For purchases of appliances, furniture and other "expensive" appliances

Use the credit. Well, it is an “extraordinary” expense, that is, out of the ordinary and it is not convenient for you to exhaust all your liquidity in that purchase. In addition, it also suits you because you can find a promotion that applies only when you pay through credit.

But for that formula to work, the ideal is that all your cards suit you. To verify that this is the case, you can use the debit card comparator and also the Golden Penny credit card comparator. Plan your credit now!


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