July 29, 2019

Real loan case for SMEs financed by Crowdlending

The vast majority of the companies that exist in our country are SMEs, concentrating between 70% and 90% of the employed persons.

According to the Ministry of Employment and Social Security, in January 2016 in Spain 1,271,082 professional SMEs or merchants were registered.
These companies have more difficulty finding financing for SMEs at an adequate cost and term because they have a higher risk than large companies.

Credits for professional SMEs and merchants

Credits for professional SMEs and merchants

The credits for SMEs must be flexible and fast to allow them to develop their activity in the short term.

Within the different sources of financing, Good Finance grants loans to SMEs through Crowdlending with a series of advantages that make it easier for these small businesses to finance themselves easily and without major difficulties.

Loan to SMEs through Crowdlending has advantages

Loan to SMEs through Crowdlending has advantages

  • If the SME does not get financing, nothing is charged.
  • Possibility of repaying the loan totally or partially at no cost.
  • No additional product is hired.
  • They do not consume CIRBE, the debt is not reflected in the official records.
  • Maximum interest rate between 1.5% and 12% (Good Finance commission included).
  • You can make the loan application for SMEs 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week through our website.

We needed financing to undertake certain new projects that involved investments in equipment and incorporation of resources and we were looking for a loan financing that would give us flexibility. We studied several sources of alternative financing, banking, and other Crowdfunding platforms and decided on Good Finance for his speed in management.

Tell us a little about the evolution of the business.

Tell us a little about the evolution of the business.

Amaranto is a consulting and technology company specialized in outsourcing services.

During the last six years the company has undergone a very important evolution with annual growth rates of around 40% in both billing and resources, reaching 15 M of turnover and 400 employees.

We currently have offices in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Cuenca and Toledo), China (Hong Kong and Beijing) and USA (San Francisco), although we have worked for clients and projects in countries such as France, USA, England, Mexico or Switzerland.


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