June 13, 2019

Loans without bases – 36 payday loans without database record

If you are looking for a loan without checking the bases, you could not have found better. We checked 36 companies in terms of where they verify their clients. Read the text and you will find out which lender does not check the IKD, ERT, FIGR and GOIB Information Monitoring databases. At the beginning of the article you will find three tables – installment loans without bases, payday loans without bases and loans without companies without IKD bases. The data is fresh, it comes from 2018. Finally, you’ll find tips on how to improve your credit standing.

There are 7 debtors bases operating in Poland

There are 7 debtors bases operating in Poland

The Credit Information Bureau is the only database that collects information about your credit history. However, the other registers are classified as GOIB – i.e. economic information offices. It is there that creditors enter the so-called debtors into black lists.

Each GOIB can be bought from PLN 200. Paradoxically, being on the list in ERT or Information Monitoring is worse than low IKD scoring. Hence, if you are in debt, do not look for a loan without IKD, but a loan without ERT.

Seven bases of debtors that are in force in Poland:

  • Credit Information Bureau – IKD,
  • Economic Information Office Information Monitoring – GOIB Information Monitoring,
  • National Debt Register GOIB SA – ERT,
  • FIGR Biuro Informacji Gospodarczej SA, – FIGR,
  • National Bureau of Economic Information – KGOIB,
  • Association of Polish Banks – ZBP,
  • National Register of Insolvent Debtors – ERTN.

Loans without databases – list of 15 installment loans

Loans without databases - list of 15 installment loans

The table below contains information on which databases the lender uses when assessing creditworthiness. Directly below the table you will find a list of companies that provide loans without IKD and loans without ERT. The statement concerns long-term installment loans.

Importantly, if you have a poor credit history at IKD, you can apply for a loan without verification. Loan companies, unlike banks, are quite benign in this respect. However, when you appear in GOIB, your chances of borrowing money are limited.

Payday loans without databases – a list of 15 loan companies

Payday loans without databases - a list of 15 loan companies

The table contains information which databases are used by companies providing payday loans. Pay attention to Cheap Credit because the company provides payday loans without IKD, Information Monitoring, ERT and FIGR. Solven also has an interesting offer because it only checks ERT bases.
Important – if you find it difficult to read the table, you will find payday loans without FIGR, IKD and Information Monitoring directly below it. Importantly, the list includes both new payday loans and companies that have been operating on the non-banking market for a long time.

Three payday loans without IKD databases

Three payday loans without IKD databases

  • Cheap Loan,
  • Solven,
  • Smart Loan.

Loan without FIGR and Information Monitoring databases

Loan without FIGR and Information Monitoring databases

  • Quick Cash,
  • Cheap Loan,
  • Solven,
  • Smart Loan.

Loans for companies without IKD, ERT, Information Monitoring, FIGR – list of lenders

Loans for companies without IKD, ERT, Information Monitoring, FIGR - list of lenders

Business loans can be used by entrepreneurs who do not show high income. Importantly, it is possible to enter the interest on the loan in the cost of doing business. Important – presence in GOIB databases may make it difficult to get a non-bank loan. BUT, it all depends on the amount of debt and the loan company’s policy.

How to check if the loan company the debtors’ database?

How to check if the loan company the debtors

There are several ways to check which registers your loan company works with. First of all – you can enter the appropriate search term in the search engine and find similar articles. BUT – most of them were written a few years ago. The text you are reading was created in May 2018, so the information it contains is the latest.

Secondly – you can check whether a given company checks IKD or ERT on your own. You can find such data in the loan agreement (the agreement can be downloaded before submitting the application). OR – in the information form. This form is usually available under the loan calculator.

Reading the entire contract or form is quite time consuming. Therefore, to verify information about databases efficiently, while reading press the key configuration – ctr + fi enter the password “economic information office” or “credit information office”.

How to check your debt in bases?

How to check your debt in bases?

In order to check your IKD score, you must download a special report from the Credit Information Bureau website. You should first set up an account on the office platform. Activating the profile is free, however you will have to pay for the report – cost – PLN 36 (for customers who do not have an active package). A similar procedure applies to other databases – Information Monitoring, ERT and FIGR. Registration is free.

Important – according to legal conditions, reports about yourself can be downloaded for free from GOIB databases once every 6 months.

The National Debt Register provides the “Check your PESEL” service. As part of it, you will receive a current report that tells you about the repayment of liabilities and information about delays in paying the debt. Importantly, it is the same report that the lender receives when verifying your creditworthiness.

What is IKD?

What is IKD?

IKD collects information on credit history. So it checks how you repaid your loans. If you have settled your debts on time, then your score (so-called IKD scoring) is at a high level. All banks and most loan companies cooperate with the office. Importantly, the Credit Information Bureau plays a key role in assessing credit risk.
Not all loan companies cooperate with IKD. The plaintiff – the Credit Information Bureau charges fees for lenders. In connection with the above, some non-bank institutions use competitive bases of debtors.

Important – the fact that you have a bad credit history in IKD does not mean that you will not get a loan. Because the most important aspect for loan companies is your repayment options, not the repayment history of your previous financial obligations.

What is GOIB InfoMoniotor and how to check its presence in the database?

What is GOIB InfoMoniotor and how to check its presence in the database?

GOIB Information Monitoring collects information about the past due debt of individuals and business activities. Is the only Economic Office that has access to IKD data. The register contains 76 million economic information. What does this mean for you? If a given loan company does not use IKD services and cooperates with Information Monitoring, there is a good chance that your repayment history will be verified in the Credit Information Bureau.
To reach the Information Monitoring list, you must meet the following conditions:

      • your debt is at least PLN 200,
      • the payment deadline has been exceeded by at least 60 days,
      • it must be 14 days from the moment the creditor informs you that you will reach the register,

Information to GOIB Information Monitoring is provided by:

      • loan companies,
      • banks,
      • business activities,
      • physical people,
      • state entities.

What is GOIB cleaning?

What is GOIB cleaning?

Important – the only way to delete your data from GOIB Information Monitoring is to pay off your debt. The creditor is required to delete information on the debt within 14 days of repayment. Failure to act may result in a financial penalty of 30,000. zł.

ERT – the largest database of debtors

ERT - the largest database of debtors

The National Debt Register is a private institution. This is the largest base of debtors. If you are on the ERT blacklist, your chances of getting a loan are minimal. Of course, it all depends on the amount of your debt and your monthly salary. The minimum amount for natural persons that can be entered into the register is PLN 200. However, companies are entered from PLN 500. The record debt entered into the ERT amounts to PLN 45.3 million.

What can you get to ERT?

What can you get to ERT?

      • unpaid loan,
      • maintenance debts,
      • arrears in telecommunications charges,
      • fine for lack of mass transit tickets,
      • no electricity charges.

Removal from the ERT – how long does the procedure for deleting data from the register take?

The most effective way to remove your name from ERT is to pay off your debt. Once the debt has been settled completely, the creditor must inform the register within 14 days that the claim has been settled. Then, within a period of 7 days, ERT deletes the debtor’s data.

What is FIGR?

What is FIGR?

FIGR GOIB SA belongs to the KRUK group. It is worth emphasizing that FIGR contains information on debtors – both positive and negative. That is, the data contained may relate to persons who settle their debts on time and those debtors who have problems with timely repayment.

Importantly, favorable information is sent to FIGR with the consent of the person concerned. Most often, the above acceptance is made when the loan agreement is signed.

Important – FIGR databases are much smaller than GOIB InfoMoniotor or ERT.

What is KGOIB and ERTN?

What is KGOIB and ERTN?

In contrast to the competition, it collects information about overdue debts from abroad. KGOIB cooperates with offices from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Both natural persons and companies can enter the register.

If you have debts in German-speaking countries, you may have a difficult time getting a loan. BUT – there are relatively few companies verifying KGOIB, therefore a loan without KGOIB is real.


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