August 2, 2019

Loans for proof – 30 loans with proof only!

Check the 15 cheapest proof loans

Check the 15 cheapest proof loans

The payday loans for proof are characterized by quick verification of the client by the lender and instant withdrawal of money to the account. Some loan companies guarantee a cash transfer within 15 minutes of positive verification. The speed of receiving money is encouraging, but the decision to take payday loans, like installment loans or cash loans, is worth thinking about …

In deciding “which payday loan to choose”, help monthly rankings and statements comparing the most important loan components for the client. The table below compares the offers of payday loans of fifteen popular lenders.

Loan on proof – minimum formalities

Loan on proof - minimum formalities

A loan for proof is an offer for those who do not want to ask the employer for a certificate of employment. It is also a choice of those who value loans without formalities. Anyone who has ever needed a quick injection of cash realizes that all formalities significantly delay the process of granting money.

In loans as proof, the lenders focus on minimum formalities and optimize, among others time of transfer execution. They also often offer the first loan for free in order to best suit the client’s needs.

There are two main types of loans as proof:

  1. Moments to prove.
  2. Installment loans.

Installment loans as proof – check 15 offers!

Installment loans as proof - check 15 offers!

An installment loan is an offer for those customers who want to take on a larger commitment than payday loans (up to several dozen thousand zlotys). Installing repayment obligations in installments is a convenient solution. Just like payday loans, lenders offer installment loans without income statements.

Some loan companies offer loans without BIK or loans without checking your creditworthiness. Most often this means that despite checking the customer’s credit history they may not take it into account – if it is negative. Increasingly lenders offering installment loans do not require income certificates.

How to apply for a loan as proof?

How to apply for a loan as proof?

Applying for an ID loan online is a simple and quick process. Regardless of the payment method chosen, the lender deals with all or most of the formalities online. All you have to do is fill out the loan application on the selected lender’s website, verify your identity (e.g. by transferring a penny to your lender’s account) and wait for a positive loan decision. Many companies accept alternative types of income.

Types of accepted income in loans as proof:

  • contract of employment,
  • contract work,
  • commission agreement,
  • revenues from contracts of uniformed services,
  • family and retirement benefits, benefits,
  • income from business and agricultural activity,
  • income from foreign work and transferred to a Polish account.

The conditions for granting loans always vary and depend on the lender’s arrangements. Where to take a loan as proof so that it is the best for us? It depends on your needs. If we want to take out payday loans, we should first compare payday loans offers in the current payday loans ranking. On the other hand, if our needs are slightly larger and we decide to use the installment loan, we should compare the offers in the current installment loan ranking.

Who can get a loan as proof?

Who can get a loan as proof?

A loan for proof can be obtained by anyone with a fixed income. It does not have to be income from the employment contract. Sometimes regular account and family pension benefits are sufficient. Such incomes are usually accepted with payday loans, but lenders offering installment loans can also take them into account.

A loan with proof may also be granted to people with a negative credit history. There are special offers on installment loans and payday loans for those in debt. In addition, loan companies are less rigorous than banks when it comes to customers’ repayment failures, which is why they can grant loans to even customers with negative BIK.

Instant check-up – is a bank account required?

A bank account is not required to receive a loan as proof. Having a bank account makes it easier to get a quick loan because money immediately appears in your account, but this is not the only option to receive funds from the loan.

People who do not have a bank account (currently they are mainly older people) and those who do not want to have traces of the impact of the loan on the account can take a loan from a branch of the institution or withdraw money with a GIRO check. Some also do not want to do a verification transfer, and some companies in this way check the identity of customers

Loan without an ID card. Is a passport loan possible?

Loan without an ID card. Is a passport loan possible?

This is not possible. An identity card is a basic document in customer verification. Lenders require the number of this document, its expiration date and information about the issuing authority.

Some wonder if the ID card can be replaced with a passport or driving license when applying for a loan. Unfortunately, neither a loan for a passport nor a loan for a passport is possible. The situation is similar with a driving license.

Loans for proof in a branch and home delivery

Online proof loans are popular, but lenders also offer traditional cash withdrawals. We are talking about situations in which money from the loan is delivered to the client’s home by the lender’s representative or when it can be withdrawn at the post office using the GIRO check.

In total, there are three ways to apply and receive funds from a loan as proof other than by bank transfer:

  1. A loan with immediate payment in a branch.
  2. Loan with payment at the post office (GIRO check and ID verification by courier).
  3. Home loan with payment from a company representative.

Instantaneous proof or installment loan – what is more profitable?

Instantaneous proof or installment loan - what is more profitable?

The profitability of taking a non-bank loan results not only from a specific offer. A lot depends on the client’s needs and individual requirements. If someone needs an injection of cash for a large expense and knows that they will not be able to pay it back right away – then they should consider a loan as an installment proof. In turn, people who want to meet less needs and unexpected expenses can opt for payday pay.

Before choosing a specific offer, you must compare:

  • loan period,
  • the amount of the entire commitment (all costs),
  • time of transfer execution,
  • age restrictions – minimum and maximum age of the borrower – this may automatically exclude some offers,
  • types of income – which are accepted in a given company.

Loans and payday loans via Internet proof – pros and cons

Each commitment has its pros and cons. It is worth comparing the pros and cons of installment loans and payday loans before the final decision on which loan we want to take as a long-term loan or payday loan.

Evidence loan – advantages

Evidence loans have several advantages that you won’t find in traditional loans. It is worth using a bank account when taking a loan so as not to limit your choice of loan offers. What are the main benefits of online proof loans?

  • Typically, companies do not require income certificates.
  • Quick verification and time of transfer execution – usually everything is done in one day.
  • Minimal formalities.
  • You do not need to provide a reason for taking the loan.
  • High loan amounts (in the case of installment loans).
  • Easy to take out a loan.
  • Quick decision and time to make a transfer – all applications for a loan take only 15 minutes.
  • Minimal formalities.
  • Usually, lenders offer the first loan for free (for payday loans).
  • Lenders accept various forms of income – you do not only need to have an employment contract, usually it is enough to include contract of mandate.

Evidence loan – disadvantages

Evidence loans have their disadvantages, as do all types of liabilities. Although some customers are afraid of taking loans online, it should be emphasized that loan companies treat the security of customer data as the highest priority. What could be considered a disadvantage of online loans in this case ?:

  • Lenders usually check BIK.
  • Usually, you can’t get another installment loan from the same company before paying the first one.
  • You can often postpone the repayment date, but this involves additional costs.
  • Many companies have a high lower age limit – from 20 to 25 years old. There are few offers for persons from 18 years of age.
  • The payday payday must be repaid within a short time (usually 30 days).

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