August 16, 2019

Loan without a bank account – where can I get it?

April 12, 2018 A survey conducted in 2017 by MastrerCard shows that 85 percent Poles have a bank account. Accordingly, most loan companies send money to the applicant’s bank account. Some borrowers do not want to receive loans in the form of a transfer for various reasons. In the article you just started reading, you will learn how to take a loan without verifying your bank account. One way is to collect money at the post office or a loan with home delivery. 

Loan without bank account verification – is it possible?

Loan without bank account verification - is it possible?

Why do most loan companies require a customer to have a bank account? There are several reasons:

  • First of all – applying for a loan is done online. Payment of the amount requested also. Hence, the easiest way for both parties is an online bank transfer;
  • secondly – identity verification. This concept includes how the lender will check that the applicant is actually the person he or she claims to be. Accordingly, a potential customer from his account must make a so-called penny transfer. Why? Thanks to the transfer of a symbolic amount, the lender sees the borrower’s details – name, surname and home address.

Advantages of loans without a bank account

  1. The product can be used by people who do not have a bank account.
  2. Money is received in the form of cash.
  3. It is possible to withdraw money in every branch of the Polish post office.

Disadvantages of loans without a bank account:

  1. The GIRO check at the post office is payable – cost PLN 13.
  2. Inconvenient loan repayment, because it is not possible to repay the commitment through online transfers. Installments should be paid at the post office or bank branch.

How are loans granted online without a bank account?

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There are companies on the market that, despite operating in the internet segment, grant non-bank loans without a bank account. In a different way, they provide money to the applicant and verify their identity. Most often, a loan can be obtained:

  • using the GIRO check,
  • from a loan company representative.

What is a GIRO check?

What is a Giro check? This is the usual form with a cash withdrawal order. The word comes from Italian. In free translation it means the circulation or circulation of money. The GIRO check allows you to pay the loan at any post office throughout the country. It is worth knowing that:

  • the document is delivered to the borrower’s house via courier,
  • when giving the check, the courier checks the applicant’s identity,
  • GIRO can be completed within 30 minutes of delivery,
  • a check based loan can be withdrawn within 7 days. After one week, GIRO expires,
  • payment of the loan via the GIRO check is payable, cost – PLN 13.

Online loan without a bank account – who grants?

Online loan without a bank account - who grants?

One of the first companies to introduce online loans with a GIRO check is Ratka. The loan is paid out at the post office, in branches all over Poland. Cost – PLN 13 The commission is transferred to Bank Pocztowy’s account. The fee is charged by the lender, together with the first installment of the loan. The GIRO check is valid for 7 days.

Aasa Polska also grants loans with postal order. The borrowing process in Aasa is standard. Just select the loan amount and complete the form. In some cases, the lender may request a bank statement to confirm regular income. The payment of cash at the post office also involves an additional fee. The lender will collect it together with the first installment.

Supergrosz is another company that provides loans without a bank account. After examining the application, the borrower receives an SMS with a special code. Identity verification involves presenting your ID card and the aforementioned code at the post office. The official, after confirming the compliance of the data, transfers the cash.

Non-bank loans with home delivery – cash in hand

Non-bank loans with home delivery - cash in hand

Home delivery loan – for this product, the applicant receives cash payment. Money is given to loan companies, whose sales model is based on the representative’s visits to the borrower’s home.

Application for home loans is done by phone or branch office. After credit verification, the consultant arrives at the place indicated by the client and hands out the loan in the form of cash. Provident and Optima loans provide home delivery.

Loan repayment without own bank account

If the customer has used a loan without a bank account, the commitment must:

  • to pay to the lender’s bank account. Installments can be repaid by postal order. Each transaction is payable. Cost – PLN 3.40 (payment up to PLN 600), PLN 3.60 (for amounts over PLN 600);
  • give money in cash to a company representative. Important – the option is dedicated to people who took out a loan with home delivery.

A loan without a bank account for the indebted, and a bailiff

A loan without a bank account for the indebted, and a bailiff

The bailiff may seize the debtor’s assets in order to satisfy the claim. Most often, enforcers secure movable property and the bank account of the indebted. In the case of a bank account, the bailiff takes over savings or external transfers – e.g. salary.

Will taking a loan without a bank transfer protect the borrower from indebtedness? No. Persons against which bailiffs are pending will not receive a standard loan from a reliable non-bank institution. The only option – using the so-called new payday loans. New loan companies sometimes have lower creditworthiness requirements from institutions that have an established position on the non-banking market. BUT – in this case you also need to verify the reliability of the lender.

Loan without a bank account – a discreet way to borrow money

Loan without a bank account - a discreet way to borrow money

There are over 30 million bank accounts in Poland. According to Mastercard, most inhabitants of the country on the Vistula (85 percent) have a bank account. Theoretically, loans without a bank account should be a niche product. But they are not. Why?

The offer is willingly used by people who want to hide from their spouse the fact that they took out a loan. In the absence of financial separation, the liability for the spouse’s debts also lies with the person who did not take out the loan. What if parting? Credit and divorce are a problem for many ex-marriages – the person responsible for settling the debt is indicated by the court.


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